Mom Speaks

I've stuck my finger in several different pies throughout this life,
and I love to speak on the flavor that results when all those things merge.

As a high school teacher,
I have the opportunity to interface with teens and parents.

As the mom of four boys...
well, that's a story all its own!

As a lover of the written word
who recently received her Master's degree in Literature
I see the great universal themes that permeate the ages.

And my perspective as a Christ-follower overflows
as I contemplate the dessert table of life,
flavoring everything.

Parenting Topics

Surviving Sons

Make School Work for Your Kids

This Conversation Never Happened

Imparting Authentic Christianity to Your Children

Topics of General Interest

What IS a Godly Woman?

Biblical Lessons from Classic Literature

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Finding Peace in the Digital Age
(or Whatever Happened to Lying Down in Green Pastures?)

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for more information.

1 comment:

Goldly Indian Mom said...

Hi Laura nice to meet you through the MOB society.Thank you for Sharing your wisdom :)

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