Friday's Fave Five -- My First!

Friday January 1, 2010

This is the first in a series of Friday posts, courtesy of a lovely blog I visited called Living to Tell the Story. I suggest you go there, enjoy, and be inspired.

The idea of Friday's Fave Five is to share five wonderful things from your week with your readers. It's been a wonderful family week here, so this will be easy!

1. Having all four of my sons home for Christmas! There was even a daughter-in-law thrown in to that mix, and she is a joy to have around. The boys had fun playing cards, eating, going to movies and basketball games, and just being together. It was great.

2. The attention of my loving husband. We both agreed that this has been one of best holiday seasons, even though it crept up on us and there was some last-minute madness. We spent time together and took time for one another, and even after a bunch of years, it's just getting better!

3. Friends, old and new. I heard from old friends over the holidays, which is always fun. My writer friends, Kindred Heart Writers, have just grown more precious over the three years I've known them, and I'm even making new friends via the blogosphere!

4. God's beautiful creation. Truth be told, I'd rather have some snow, but when you live in the Sunshine State, that just doesn't happen. We've had beautiful sunshine and a bit of crisp weather, too -- just a little reminiscent of real winter.

5. God's gift of His Son. A whole season devoted to "Come Let Us Adore Him" -- what could be better? It's been a great time to remember that babe in the manger and ponder what it must have been like for his mother and dad.

What about you? Do you have Five Faves from this week you can share? I'd love to hear about them. You can leave a comment with your list or, better yet, check out Living to Tell the Story and sign up to host your own!

Have a Happy New Year!!


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