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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Need a Monday dose of encouragement and inspiration?
Here's a preview of my newsletter that will hit inboxes on Monday.

Outnumbered by…my kids!

Yes, some of us are actually outnumbered by our kids – for me, it’s four to one! That can be physically exhausting and mentally and spiritually challenging, believe me.

But it’s not just the numbers that bring that sense of being overwhelmed.

For the mom of just one infant, a baby’s demands can be overwhelming.

For the mom of a toddler or two, the constant busyness, discovery, and rebellion can wear you down.

For the mom of a school age child, making sure your child is keeping up with learning and homework can be taxing and worrisome.

For the mom of a middle schooler, the change taking place before your eyes can be rather daunting.

For the mother of teens – oh, there’s so much to worry about!

And what about the mom of the graduate, the young adult, even the married daughter or son? Even when they reach that stage, you’re still a mom. And yes, there’s still plenty to feel outnumbered by then!

That's just the opening, but Monday's newsletter will give you practical ways to deal with feeling outnumbered by your kids, no matter what their age or what kind of mom you are.

If you'd like to receive the newsletter each Monday, just subscribe by filling in the box at the left. Each Monday's newsletter deals with common ways we moms feel outnumbered, offering practical and spiritual solutions.

A great way to start your week!



Emily said...

Good idea! I know I, for one, have been totally outnumbered this week!

Rita said...

Happy Sunday Laura!

MamaHen said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am very much out-numbered and most days I love it! I am signing up for your newsletter!

Anonymous said...

And the stages of motherhood continues forever!

Kindred Heart Writers said...

Suzicate's comment is so true. My son will be 51 this month (a grandfather) and still I am concerned for him. Not just for his physical welfare, but for his spiritual welfare and his emotional life. Notice it used the word concern. I "try" not to call it worry. Our children are a gift from God and we raise them and then give them back to Him. Laura this is such a good newsletter. Love to you Clella

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