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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Outnumbered Mom

It's Wednesday, and I usually post a family-friendly recipe for you, then ask you to join in, too. There haven't been many "joiners," so I decided to take a different tact this week.

Today I'm going to point the way to some great tips that can be a big help. If you're interested in good cooking and good eating for the family, there are two blogs you need to check out.

One is by Rita, and you can click here to visit her. She has all kinds of great cooking ideas -- shortcuts, handy products I've never heard of, recipes, you name it. There's much to be gained from reading one of her posts.

The other comes from Melinda, who is issuing a challenge here. This is such a great idea. We all know we don't always eat well, but the idea of changing everything is daunting. Instead, Melinda is proposing you find one thing about your family's eating habits to work on each week. She'll feature tips from a nutritionist each Wednesday, and you can link up to be a part of her challenge, if you'd like.

So wander on over and gather some great tips and inspiration!

Happy cooking and eating!


Karen said...

Thanks Laura, I'll check out Rita's. Love your signature. I just can't figure how to add mine to the post....sigh....

Mandee said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm following you as well now too! Would you believe that we have all been sick off and on since Halloween? We actually missed Trick or Treat, as well as a few Thanksgiving get-togethers and then a couple of Christmas outings as well. Oh, and the boys all (except my oldest) just got over the chicken pox too! I thought it was funny that you mentioned that!

Rita said...

Thank you Laura! Nice of you to mention my blog. Went to visit Melissa, love that title!

Sis said...

I am fairly new at FFF and haven't read much past those posts on the participants blogs, but I just saw the Wednesday recipe post mentioned here. If you keep that up, I'll participate in it, I love sharing and getting recipes. :)

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