Food for Thought on St. Patrick's Day Week

March 17, 2010

Here's some St. Paddy's Day Food for Thought.

I heard today that the reason leprechauns wear green is so that they can blend in with the shamrocks. They have pots of gold to protect, you know, and the camouflage helps them stay hidden.

Sound like a good idea -- staying safe and hidden -- until I think about our kids.

Sure, I want my boys to be safe. But hiding amongst the shamrocks, blending in and disguising who they really are isn't something to be admired, in my book.

Going from fiction to fact, consider the guy the holiday is named after. St. Patrick stood strong for what he believed. Instead of hiding in those shamrocks, he used them to illustrate the Trinity -- three leaves in one plant, just as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are One.

What do I really want for my sons? To hide and protect their bounty -- or to step out and engage the culture by using what's around them to point to the Truth?

Just some food for thought. What do you think?


Lori said...

interesting way to look at it. I think I want my sons to be proud of who they are but not flaunt what they have. Stand up for themselves without putting others down... sounds about right to me

Johnnie Alexander said...

Like the way you think!

Rita said...

Love the way you explained this;great post!

Mom vs. the boys said...

interesting angle! never thought of it that way. I'm not big on this holiday, we aren't Irish! lol
Thanks for stopping over at my blog today, boys are so much fun and you have 4! I thought I was outnumbered until now! lol I'm following you now. Stop back and enter my first giveaway when you get a chance, you can get one of your son's first initials done to match his room or your last name intial to include you all!

Karen said...

You are too smart. My tendency is to keep them safely hiding, but then that's not keeping them safe, it it? Good post, Laura.

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