A Chevy By Another Other Name...

It seems Chevrolet has changed their corporate mind about their name. Again. Known for years as Chevy, they’ve decided to hang on to the nickname since we all love it so.

All of the flap calls to mind Shakespeare’s words: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

No matter what you call it, it’s still a rose. Or a Chevy. Or a mom.

First we were just cooed at; then they called us Mama. Soon they graduated to Mommy, and before you know it, it’ll be Mom.

And Mom it will be, till we’re gone from this earth.

Once a mom, always a mom, I say.

No matter how big they get or how far away they roam (literally or figuratively), we’re always moms.

And our sisterhood is huge. In the woods a couple of weeks ago, I looked up at the canopy of leaves and in the myriad of different sizes and shapes of leaves, I saw unity and diversity. Just like us moms. Yes, we're different -- some work away from home, some work at home; some homeschool, some teach others' children; some have toddlers, some have teens. But we share much more than we realize. Dreams fulfilled and unrealized, tears of joy and sadness, smiles of regret and pride.

So, share away.
Reach out. Lift up. Encourage.

Remember, no mom is an island.

And a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.


Karen said...

It's an immediate bond, isn't it. I love how God made us like that. And kids will always be your kids, no matter how old they are. :)

Stephani Cochran said...

I would have loved to have been called by any of those names! Maybe some day my step-son will have a baby, and I will be called Grandma or Grammay or Nanna! ~ By the way, my mother has always called her Dad, Daddy, and my brother still calls my mom, Momma! I have also noticed that I am calling my dad, Daddy more often. Maybe we revert back as we get older! Who knows! Thanks for sharing this. Once a parent, always a parent no matter what they call you!

Faith said...

how I love any name for me...but..most of the time my daughters still call me Mommy and they are 16 and 11. My own mom is Mom and my dad is Daddy...he will always be my Daddy....same with my daughters...they love to say Daddy....and....I love how you say we are all diverse...so true...yet when we are with a group of other moms, my how we can connect, huh??!
Enjoy your weekend, Laura!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey Laura, it's great to meet you!
Yep, our sisterhood is huge indeed. This morning I met a lady at church who thought I might know her "boy." When I asked how old he was, she said, "Oh, I guess he's 56 now." I guess what you said is true: once a mom, always a mom. :)
Congrats on your book!

Bina said...

It's amazing how you can put a group of strangers at a table...but when just one woman starts to talk about her child, the table soon creates a conversation that sounds like it has been known for years!! It is always wonderful to remember that whatever I am going thru with one of my kids, someone else out there has survived it and can let me borrow their t-shirt till the dust settles!

Great post!

Susannah said...

Catching up with you tonight. I really enjoy your blog, Mom.

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