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Thursday June 3, 2010 Since I teach where my son is a senior, I was privileged to speak at Senior Chapel. I thought I'd share those thoughts with you moms.

Class of 2010, a lot has been said today about what you all mean to one another. I’d like to leave you with a few thoughts about what you have meant to us. First of all, as a parent, I have to say that I’m not sure I can put into words what our kids mean to us. You have all, undoubtedly, in your eighteen or so years, brought your parents laughter and pain, pride and joy and even a little disappointment. Despite whatever negatives there might have been in your household, as a mom, I have to say we are blessed to have seen your faces - smiling or scowling - at the dinner table. Children truly are a gift from God.

Ever since you all entered your parents’ lives years ago, you have brought change. We all said, 'Oh, a baby won’t change our lives that much…' Well, we had to eat those words! And that was just the beginning of change. We’ve had to adjust to your growing independence, first as you let go of our hands while crossing the street, then as you drove away in the family car.

Now, you take off to make it on your own. Things will be different, not only for you but for Mom and Dad and any siblings you leave at home. Life will change for them as well. Yes, you’ll be missed by your family, but also by the people here. Others will come and fill up your lockers and your hallway and we’ll call them seniors and they’ll be special in their own way, but they won’t be you.

For you, the Class of 2010, I have a poem. I guess I had to acknowledge that although this isn’t easy – this letting you go – it’s necessary, and it’s even part of the Father’s plan. This is for you, and it’s called Flutter Away.


There it is –
The fluttering.

You can always hear it this time of year
As they perch on the edge,
wings flapping madly,
oh-so-ready to take the plunge.

This year it’s deafening.
I not only hear the fluttering
I feel it
Right in the pit of my stomach…
No, in the bottom of my heart.

This time there are so many who have a place in my heart.
As I watch them turn and smile and wave
I see chubby little hands linked in friendship
I recall field trips,
Birthday parties,
Boosterthon and field day so long ago.

But this is the way of things.
Seasons change; things grow and flower.
It’s part of His grand design.

So, go ahead.
Flap really hard as you step off.
And don’t look down.
Keep your eyes above and your hand in His.
Flutter on.

Flutter away.


Diane said...

Really nice! :O)

Victoria said...

Beautiful thoughts! I hope graduation isn't too hard on you. Best wishes to your son!

Karen said...

Laura, how hard was that for you to say while your son was sitting in the group? I love the "keep your eyes above and your hand in His." You need to publish that somewhere.....

AprilMay said...

Oh, I was just thinking what Karen said!I am sitting here bawling thinking of when my son graduates next year. You are a graceful example for me to follow!

Jean Wise said...

Your poem really touched my heart. wow. Thanks, Laura

Clella said...

Of course for some reason I am just now reading Flutter Away. Love it.

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