Idea #1 for Summer Fun: Grow Something!

Wednesday June 23, 2010
A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called “The Lazy Days of Summer,” praising the value of play – for all of us.

So now I’m following up with some practical ideas for family play.

Once or twice a week we’ll visit a new idea for family summer play, right here.
So, get ready. It’s time to have some summer fun with your kids.

Before we take off into Idea Land, let’s talk about the nuts and bolts a second.

Spontaneous, off-the-cuff fun is great, but let’s face it – often, if you don’t plan for something, absolutely nothing happens. So once you’ve decided on an idea, plan for it.

Put it on the calendar. That will make the kids anticipate it all the more. And don’t forget to buy or gather what you need to make it happen. There’s nothing worse than getting your kids hyped up about something, and then not being able to follow through.

Here’s today’s idea: Grow something.

Inside or out, big or small – just grow something. Buy seeds, gather tools, pick a spot, and get started.

This activity will continue long after today. You’ll need to check your progress, water, weed, and finally, hopefully harvest!

If your outside efforts don’t take, try growing a little something inside or on the patio.

If you can’t grow in your yard, look around. Offer to help a neighbor with his or her garden. Take your kids over and help your neighbor weed and water. They’ll get experience with not only gardening, but with reaching out, forming relationships, and helping others.

So, take the challenge – grow something. Work as a team, and let love take root.
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For the love of summer,


Rebecca Ramsey said...

We love doing this and today will harvest the very first tomato of the season. Yum!

alicia said...

Love this idea.
My kids helped me get all of our seed starter kits going, but sadly the garden never got ready to put them in the ground (that was on my hubby's to do list- I think he kept scratching it off! ;) )

Corinne Cunningham said...

I love that idea, I keep saying we haven't because we don't have a yard, but we have a porch.... it's time for some potted plants :)

Donnetta said...

I learned a couple of summer's ago that if you don't plan for something, nothing happens.

Not making that same mistake this year. :-) Enjoying the slower pace but planning a few things as well.

Victoria said...

Outside on on my porch, among the little pots with all of my seedlings in them, my daughter has a little bitty pot with a couple of zinnia seedlings. I'm hoping to teach her how to water and care for them, but so far I'm having trouble keeping her from just pulling them out of the dirt--she wants to "love" the "baby flowers". It has been fun though and I'm hoping it'll help her learn to nurture.

Unknown said...

DOUBLE AMEN to the "If you don;t plan for something, then NOTHING happens"
that is the mantra of my life. Everything needs to be planned or we get nothing done.

He started seeds in Februoary and have already harvested beets, carrots, 2-3 batches of radishes, strawberries, nions, lettuse,and sugar snap peas. Can't wait for the tomatoes and zuccchini!

we made Upside-down Hanging tomato planters and a Pocket Garden that can hang on the wall. (should be under the label 'garden' on my blog if your interested)

Faith said...

that is something i have done every single year with my own daughters! now that they are 16 and 11 we have quite a few flowers. Last spring we "started over", got rid of some rather old, droopy plants, etc. My oldest continues doing her chives from 1996! and my youngest now does wildflowers (specifically daisies) with me each year. I used to do small flowers like impatiens in a small ceramic pot, gave them a baggie of soil, and a small sand shovel, small watering can, etc. What fun they had!! I often do this as a birthday gift for young girls as well and add a pretty bow around the's fun to be creative with God's creation! (interesting that you are doing this kind of post..i just started something similar over at'll be up in a little while!)

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