Toy Story 3? I cried.

Saturday June 19, 2010
It was funny and sweet and fun -- even a little scary at times.

But Andy's going off to college.

Like someone else I know.

Need I say more?

What did you think?


Unknown said...

I am so excited to take my kids! Although, am I going to be smacked in the face with the reality of how fleeting my time with them is?! I'll bring tissues :D Have a great weekend, Laura!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh my, I'm scared to watch now. As a mom of one in college and another one on the way in a year, I'll be sure to skip the mascara and bring tissues.

Karen said...

Oh, I would too, if my kids were at that stage. But I remember those first years of college so clearly. I still want to see it! :)

Julie Gillies said...

Okay Laura, you're the 3rd person I know who has said this movie made them cry. Sounds like a must-see. Hopefully this week we'll get to it.

I'm going to be sending you an e-mail. :)

Michelle DeRusha said...


I have to admit, I often cry at kid's movies. Up...How to Train A Dragon...I swear, they all get me!

Anna K. said...

My hubs and our 7 y.o. boy had some daddy-son time yesterday and they decided to go see Toy Story 3.
They both loved it and the hubs said that another dad was chatting with him afterwards and he readily admitted that he teared up at the end! A big Marine, no less.

I love the movie Up but it took me a long time to be able to watch mom had recently passed away from cancer and the beginning of the movie was a little too similar to what she (and my dad) had gone through.

NeedANap2 said...

Aaah, I can definitely see how that would get to you. Some friends and I went to see (a while ago) My Sister's Keeper. And one friend was like I'd be okay if the daughter wasn't named the same as hers!! I seem to tear up more now than I used to, dumb hormones (after having 4 kids). :)

Johnnie Alexander said...

Your post on Father's Day made me tear up a little; then this one made me laugh! (With you, not at you -- and yes, I'm reading posts in reverse chronological order.)

Nate saw the movie and said the theater was crowded with older teens and young adults. The kids who grew up with Toy Story. (Now I'm about to cry again.)

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