The Big O's -- Order and Organization: Welcome to My Book

Thursday August 19, 2010

Why bother with organization? (Other than the fact that the lack of it drives some of us crazy…) There are some practical, long-lasting reasons a mom should emphasize order and organization, and chapter eight, The Big O's -- Order and Organization, covers those.

I know that some of us are just more naturally organized than others. Most of you would probably put me to shame in that category. I’m no Martha Stewart. But my stint as a teacher has taught me how important a grasp of organization is to kids – especially boys. Many times, being organized in a class can make or break a kid’s attitude. If they have the supplies or information and it’s where they can find it, half the battle is done. If they don’t, you’re already on the losing team.

Organization teaches our kids bigger lessons, too. Self-control and respect for others may not seem related to organization at first, but as a child learns to put something away, he begins to realize that other people in the household need to be considered. Brother can’t find his shoes if your backpack is on top of them!

Organization also instills personal responsibility in our kids. Kids learn they’re an important of the family team when they have responsibilities.

If you’re not naturally organized, there are even hints to help Mom set a foundation for organization. This chapter contains hints that will help moms of preschoolers, but has a few words for mothers of teens, too. As you get closer to the end of high school and consider “launching” your son, there are some things you can do to help him feel organized and ready for all he’ll face.

This chapter is a mix of practical ideas and sound reasoning. Not only will you see how to organize some things, you’ll get a grasp for why it’s important.

On Tuesday, I’ll be posting a preview of chapter 7, Media in a Young Man’s Life. Be sure to tune in to a discussion of what our boys read, hear, and see, and how we can teach them to discern.


Faith said...

Awesome!! Everyone who knows me, knows I am over the top hubby goes nuts sometimes....but...I am THANKFUL that my daughters are just as organized as I really does help on those hectic school day mornings....and...I NEED to be organized in the classroom for sure.....thanks for a great post!

Melissa said...

We SO need this chapter!

I gave my son a book on organizing, and he hid it.

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

While I'm not great at organization, I recognize it's importance and force myself to stay the course. You're so right that we need to instill this in our boys!

Karen said...

Oh, Laura, you know this is my downfall. Great tips in this book!

Muthering Heights said...

Hey won a giveaway over at my place, and I need you to email me your shipping info!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Sounds great!
Organization helps me stay sane. I'm hoping our middle schooler will learn to get more organized this year. I need your book for more ideas!

Andrea said...

Laura, this is so wise and wonderful! I have been thinking along these lines for my two granddaughers. They stay with us quite a bit, and I've been thinking of teaching them organization skills, though they are just 2 and 3.

I love your points and the way you link being organized to respect and self-esteem.

Have a beautiful weekend!



Alexandra said...

You are right. Coming here assures me so many times that what my boys consider heavyhandedness, will just serve them so that they are the best husbands and fathers.

Thank you for the reassurance.

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