Garage Sale Treasures

September 1, 2010
They sit on a shelf in our bedroom, guests of honor.

A delicate, mini champagne flute.

A little plastic Barbie-like doll with very blonde hair.

They were carried home in a little boy’s hand. He had a full heart, an empty pocket, and lots of love for Mom.

The champagne flute has never seen a bubble, the little doll has never taken part in playtime. And they’ve been there quite a while.

When I redecorate or declutter, they’ll survive. They’re guests of honor, after all.

They remind me of a little boy who spent his own pennies on gifts for Mom. One who smiled a hopeful smile as he held them out. Knowing this one, they were likely a bit sticky when I took them, but I was used to that. Nothing a little soap and water couldn’t cure.

This one was all boy, but he chose girl gifts for Mom. With all those boys around, he figured she needed pretty things, so he chose the prettiest he could find.

They’re gifts of love, straight from the heart.

What about you? Do you have treasured garage sale gifts of the heart on your shelf?


Diane said...

Tearing up here. Sweet man-boy! :O)

alicia said...

That is too sweet- I'm tearing up with Diane. I do have treasures, my kids love to make me things. They always find honor on my shelves. Today- the painted flower pot gets filled with flowers made 5 years ago. It sits in the center of the table (ok, the craft table, but still!) ;)

Anna K. said...

Treasures, indeed, Laura. Such a sweet thing for him to do for his I'm tearing up!

I have drawings and bits and bobs all over the house that were lovingly given to me from my oldest son. The younger is only 17 mos. but maybe he'll learn from his older brother!

Unknown said...

so sweet!
I love when my boys hand pick gifts for me. I have a necklace Ki made and the colors don;t match (he made matching earrings, but with slightly different colors) and it is very asymmetrical. it has yellow and blue beads because he likes those colors and a pink cross, because pink is for girls- the earrings are a different color cross and yellow and green beads.

Richella Parham said...

So sweet. I remember especially one Christmas morning, when my middle son proudly gave me his gift. He had chosen a blown glass Christmas ornament for me, and as I unwrapped it he said, "I thought you would like something breakable."

Breakable? Oh, that's my heart!

Michelle DeRusha said...

So sweet. My boys both wrap up "treasures" for me all the time -- candies, little toys from their rooms, acorns and rocks. They are all gifts, every last one.

I love Richella's comment above -- so cute!

Karen said...

Laura, that is so sweet! I have kept all the "clay and wooden" treasures my kids made in school. They sit inside my china hutch for protection.

Karyn said... sweet. Little boy gifts are always so special. I have a few of those around myself. (I also have 4 boys) Mostly 'homemade' ones - made with love.....they will always have a place in my home.

The other day, I found a note in an old purse - "Dear are the best mom in the whole world. Love, Andrew" I don't remember when exactly the note was written - I'm thinking he was about 12 or 13 but the note was a gift because just now this boy (27 years old) is in a bad place and out of relationship with God and us. The little reminders of my boy's love for me are always a balm to this hurting heart as I hold him before the throne and remember that God loves him even more than I do.

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