Overheard at My House

Wednesday September 22, 2010

Two boys, 7 and 10 years old.

They made up stories (epics, really) and used stuffed animals and puppets to stage them, to the consternation of the older brother and the delight of the younger one.

They had done this for years. Now, at the ripe old age of 7 and 10, the younger one observes:

"It was a lot easier to be creative when we were young and immature."

Something interesting, poignant or hilarious overheard at your house?
Do share!


Sara said...

My youngest boy is 3 1/2 and I know he's not a baby anymore but I had the truth given to me plainly that I no longer have any little ones when he announced after swimming lessons: "Why do I have to use the blue hooded puppy dog towel for babies?" All 4 used it and now nobody wants to be seen with it. :( A new stage has most definitely begun.

Jean Wise said...

This made me smile. Oh, to be a child again! very cute

Unknown said...

I've done several posts on my blog regarding the things that come out of my three year olds mouth, but one of my favorites has to be this one, http://thecharmingtyrant.blogspot.com/2010/08/kids-say-darnedest-things.html
or this one, http://thecharmingtyrant.blogspot.com/2010/03/kids-say-darnedest-things.html

- Sydney

Shannon Dingle said...

This isn't from the house - we were at the gym - but it fits nonetheless. :)

Jocelyn is going through a separation anxiety phase, so the new childcare worker at the gym tried to break the ice with Hello Kitty coloring pages. Jocelyn's response: "I have kitties on my panties."

Ice: broken.
Modesty: a work in progress.

Shannon Dingle said...

I forgot to say that the gym comment was from this morning. I think I could give you a funny overheard comment every day. :) Now that our little man is saying words, it's only a matter of time before he gives us some funnies (with his words, that is; he gives us plenty of funnies in other ways already!).

alicia said...

This brought a smile to my face! I love listening to kids when they think we aren't. ;)

Karen said...

Great thought, Laura. WHY is it?? Hey, can that be another book? Become your own kid again. :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

My 6th grader told me last week that he was sure he was growing sideburns and a beard. I had to get the magnifying glass out & I still didn't see it, but he said it's the kind of hairs you feel, not the ones you see. :)

Victoria said...
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Victoria said...

I agree with Karen... I think you've just found a topic for a new book! Kids are so funny.

Sweet'ums has a real knack for stating the obvious in a super-cute, absolutely hysterical way. She'll say whatever it was that just happened ("Mommy says mommy words!"), along with a knowing little grin that says, "We'll keep this just between us."

Rhonda Schrock said...

I've been teaching my four-year-old (the fourth of four boys, by the way) the 23rd Psalm. Driving in my blue mommy van this morning, we had this conversation:
Me: "The Lord is my shepherd."
Him: "I shall not want."
Me: "He maketh me to lie down in..."
Him: "Green eggs and ham!"

Oh, how I love little boys. Big ones, too.

Happy fall from one outnumbered mama to another...

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