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Thursday October 21, 2010

People read my blog for all kinds of different reasons.

There are you faithful bloggers, who follow and visit all the time. There are those occasional readers or those who happen upon this site.

And then there are those of you out there that I never hear from in this spot – because I see you every week.

You’re not bloggers and some of you say to me, “I’d like to leave a comment, but I don’t know how to.” Some of you are friends and some are family, but many want to help get the word out about I’m Outnumbered. After all, you’ve lived this journey with me.

I’m so grateful for all your support. And the truth is, I really need all of you.

So, if you want to be involved, here are 10 things to consider. I borrowed this list from my friend Susan DiMickele, the author of Chasing Superwoman. (Thanks, Susan!) Go visit her if you haven’t already – and her book would make a great Christmas present for a working mom you know.

1. Keep reading. Thanks for reading. I’ll post updates about my marketing activities, book signings, and other events right here on the blog and on my Facebook page.

2. Tell your friends. Please tell your friends about I’m Outnumbered. Send them a link to the blog or to Amazon.

3. Do a review on Amazon. Anyone who has bought books on Amazon can submit a review. Consider writing one for I’m Outnumbered. Your words are powerful!

4. Ask your local bookstore to order or stock. Ask your local bookstore to order or stock I’m Outnumbered.

5. Send me a list of your friends and influencers. If you don’t know what to say (or don’t have the time or energy), please send me a list of your friends and contacts who may be interested in hearing more about I’m Outnumbered.

6. Give me feedback. Please give me your feedback about the blog and the book.

7. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter, become a Facebook Fan or a Blog Follower. You can become a Fan right on Facebook. And I have a “Follower” button over in the right sidebar, so you can support the blog and get news of every post. My newsletter goes out every Monday morning, and it’s full of encouragement and inspiration for moms. Your email address goes nowhere but to me, and I’ll guard it.

8. Think Christmas! If you’re not a mom but know one, consider buying her a copy of my book for Christmas.

9. Need a speaker for a women’s or mom’s group? I can do that – contact me.

10. Pray. Please don’t feel like you have to do anything to support me. But if I can ask for one thing, I’d really appreciate your prayers.

Thanks for everything! I’ve felt tons of love and support from so many of you, all along this journey.


Melissa said...

This is a great list. I think we often would like to help, but don't know how to do that.

See you tomorrow for FFF?

Corinne Cunningham said...

Know that a few people in my life will be receiving your book at Christmastime :)

Diane said...

So glad we are following your journey and it's only just begun. Hugs :O)

Victoria said...

I know a couple moms who might be getting this book for Christmas or sometime shortly thereafter. I've got one who is getting ready to have her first, a boy.
I haven't been back to our bookstore to see if they've got your book. But, I think I just might this weekend.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said... all are the greatest!

Faith said...

awesome list! I am promoting your book (again) tonite at my small group because one of the moms who has all boys was absent the last think i will also double check our christian bookstore in town to see if they are carrying your book..if not, I'll tell them about it! :) hugs to you Laura! and yikes..this is now the 4th blog I visited today..i gotta get off the computer now :)

Melinda said...

Thanks, Laura! ;0) Great to know ways I can help a talented author! My church is always looking for speakers ... I will mention this to my Women's Ministry Director. It would be so fun if you could come and speak at my church. I know this is a way off, but I know we'll be looking for a speaker for our Spring Mother's Day Brunch. I'll put your name in the hat, my friend. ;0)

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