Thankful Thoughts to Carry Us to Christmas

Thursday November 25, 2010

May today simply begin your thankful thoughts.
May they carry all the way through the coming season.

You can make that happen, you know. And what better way to approach the season of giving than by giving thanks -- and continuing to do so, all throughout December.

Keep gratitude at the front of your thoughts and words this season, and see what effect it has on your family.

I've read several posts about children and families who are giving gifts to those who really need them in honor of each other this Christmas. Instead of purchasing something plastic, they're pooling their money for chickens for a family in a third world country, they're sponsoring a child through Compassion or World Vision, they're planning to give of their time to those in need.

As the festivities wear off today, tomorrow, and through the weekend, why not put up a different kind of tree first?

Make a Thankful Tree. Trace your family's hands on different colors of construction paper. Have each person write what they're thankful for on the hands. Arrange them in the shape of a tree. Make that your first decoration of the Christmas season.

Take those thankful thoughts with you as you journey toward Christmas, and December will be different.

Don't leave thankfulness behind as you approach Christmas. How do you plan to carry it into December?


Becky said...

Wonderful idea, thanks for sharing!
(found you through Rebecca Writes)

Amy Sullivan said...


I like this idea and it gave me another. I know my mom is feeling down this holiday season because she recently lost her father, and her kids and grandkids are all so far away. I am going to create my own version of this to send to her.

Oh, and I put up a link to this post on my blog. It's not at all too old! I love what you say about keeping gratitude on our minds throughout the entire season.

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