The Thanksgiving That Was ... And Is

Monday November 29, 2010

Just a little Monday update after a great Thanksgiving week. Some of you will recall I wrote about my cooking dilemma before the holiday.

It was no dilemma after all. Our sweet guest was as gracious as can be, and I learned a lot in the process.

We had a great time with two boys home, talked to the third, and Skyped with the oldest and his wife and son.

A good time was had by all, and here I am, on Monday, as thankful as ever.

That’s why this is partially entitled “The Thanksgiving That Is.” I’ve vowed to carry my gratitude forward, right into December.

What better idea than to take gratitude into the season of giving? After all, isn’t that what real gratitude is all about? Honestly thankful thoughts don’t stop in the head and heart – they flow out in acts of love.

So, stick with me while I examine gratitude that gives way to giving – a perfect segue into the Christmas season.

Time to chime in. I want to hear about your holiday.
And do you have ideas for taking your gratitude into the Christmas season?


Jean Wise said...

You know, Laura, I feel the least thankful when I suddenly had to shift gears - like making different meals than planned. I have learned it takes me a bit to recoup and recover into the gratitude mode and to be gentle with myself. Now I don't let myself waddle in self pity too long but once I realize what is happening, I can return to thankfulness pretty quickly. learned not to give up too quickly. Love your idea of continuing our quest of thankfulness in December and everyday!

alicia said...

Feeling so thankful for the past month makes it so hard for me to go into making a list of "wants" for my mom to shop for. I don't want or need anything really. I do however want to give and bless others with that gratitude.
Christmas offers up so very many reasons to be grateful, it doesn't seem right to end that.

Victoria said...

Just having my family around me makes me thankful (and maybe a little crazy!) during the entire holiday season. They're what makes the holidays worth experiencing. And I agree with the previous poster--it's hard not to be thankful during the Christmas season, if you remember what it's all about.

Unknown said...

You can read about my thanksgiving here I try always to be thankful during the Christmas season, because now more than any other time I am acutely aware of what I have that others do not, even the most basic of necessities.

Emily said...

I so want to do this too. I want to be still amidst the chaos, the hustle of the season. I want to truly see all that we have to be thankful for. To be truly present. To truly listen. To wait...with a joyful, quiet, attentive heart. That is my prayer.

mdforkids said...

So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love this idea of continuing the gratitude and letting it flow into the season.

We had a wonderful time with family, sibling rivalry and all:) This is always a great bonding time with family. I so love this time of year.

rjerdee said...

Honestly, I was so busy putting out the Thanksgiving feast I forgot about being that it's over, I have time to be grateful for family, friends, health and hands--my hands are key in this life!

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