No Mom Is an Island

Monday January 24, 2010

Is January taking its toll on you?

I know – it’s hard to get out. You don’t spend time at the playground or the park like you do in spring and summer.

It’s easy to get a bit closed off and neglect your need for community, for fellowship.

Don’t wait for warm weather to come. Reach out now. Chances the mom you call will be longing for community, too.

Maybe you’re out there every day – at work, with others. But you’re still going it alone. It gets lonely. You start thinking you’re the only one who feels the way you do. But don’t believe the lie.

From time immemorial, moms have doubted themselves. The best way to expel those doubts is to express them to another mom. You’ll quickly find that you’re in familiar territory.

And there’s safety in numbers – or at least, empathy.

John Donne said it best as he penned this in his Meditation XVII:

“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less…”

So, remember. No mom is an island. Not one of us is perfect, but we can be there for each other. We can learn from each other. If one be washed away or disregarded, motherhood will be the less.

Reach past the mid-winter blues, past the sameness of January, past all the self-doubt just piling up – and reach out for another mom or two. You’ll be glad you did.

Can you remember a time you were bolstered by community?


Corinne Cunningham said...

I'm thinking back to when Paige was a newborn... the community of moms I had at the time is what got me through the craziness :) There is something to be said for friendships and motherhood. It can be tricky, but so worth the extra effort.

Ang said...

My Life group (small group) at church is my lifeline to community connection. I love the family atmosphere.

Karen said...

When my kids were small, the mom's group at our church -- Time Out for Friendship -- was my lifeline. Since then, a few of us have continued meeting to bolster one another through the teenage years. However, I'm the only one who is still a stay-at-home-mom. Tomorrow, I'm going out to lunch with two friends from my book club. We normally just meet with our club once a month, but I needed this to get me out of the January doldrums!

Jean Wise said...

January is a hard month for me but February is worse. So this is good to be thinking, planning ahead for a good dose of friendship and community to get through the winter. Thanks Laura

Karen said...

Fellowship with others, oh yes, what would we do without our friends?

rjerdee said...

Great thoughts...thanks!

Faith said...

One of my most memorable times of having a community of believers rally around me was when I was dealing with long-term lyme disease that had gone untreated and diagnosed for over 8 nmonths.....i was very ill with a 8 year old and 3 year was a tough time and these pals of mine really helped out my husband and I with meals, babysitting, chores, etc. while i was dealing with fear, wavering faith and rounds of doctors/specialist appointments. I will never forget the kindness and cheer these ladies brought to me, not to mention PRAYER! Glory to God....these were women who were being the hands and feet of Jesus whenI was feeling so alone. thanks for making me remember....

mdforkids said...

What a great reminder. It is so true, I always feel so much better after meeting with other mom friends and sharing our stories. It always helps to know that we are not alone.

Love this.

Julie said...

Such a comforting and encouraging post. Thank you for sharing your heart.
We're feeling the closed-in feeling of cabin fever.

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