Sometimes Life Intervenes

Wednesday January 5, 2011

It’s good to be back!

I can’t wait
to sift through my reader, visit you all, and hear all about your holidays.

I was away and with family but I planned to stay in a bit closer touch with you and my blog…but life intervened. My mom, who’s a two day drive from us, was hospitalized as we drove toward Indiana.

She’s much better now. In two days she was home from the hospital, but since she wasn’t in top shape, I hosted Christmas in her house. I did the cooking and the wrapping and the baking, along with the other things I had planned to do. So it was a very full, busy time as I played Mom, Daughter, Sister, Grandmom, and Wife.

Things are still spinning a bit – my house and classroom aren’t in the shape I’d like them to be. But they’ll get there, with time. Little by little.

I learned several things this Christmas. Nobody told me how hard it would be to say goodbye to a grandbaby as they strapped him in his carseat…

But it was an awesome family time. We filled up my mom’s house – the college boys, the California son, and our eldest son’s precious wife and Aiden.

Space was at a premium, but there was no shortage of love.

Hope your last couple of weeks have been joyous ones.

Happiest of New Years to you!


rjerdee said...

O, a mighty rich time you've had! Same here only I'm the grandma they all came to visit and I didn't have to go to the hospital :) We had a great time.

And now a new wave of visitors are coming (I live in Florida so they love to come for the warmth when they're freezing up north).

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Welcome Back, Laura! I know the feeling-- house and classroom need some attention for sure, but the holidays were wonderful and my batteries recharged. Look forward to catching up! Happy New Year!

Corinne Cunningham said...

My goodness, what a full holiday! What a blessing that you were able to take the reins and keep moving with the spinning :)
Happy New Year!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

That's a lot of roles to play! I wish I could be your fairy godmother, wave my wand, and whisk you off on a restful vacation. But it sounds like it was full of happiness and hugs, and there's not much better than that!

Give yourself a hug for me. I wish you the best 2011 ever!

Victoria said...

Oh goodness! So getting back to the grind will actually be a bit of a rest after such a busy holiday. I'm glad your mom is better and I hope she continues to improve.

Karen said...

Welcome back, Laura. I'm happy your Mom is better. I know YOU were her Christmas present! I know exactly how you feel about saying goodbye to a grandchild. sigh....

But best-no shortage of love-I love that!

alicia said...

Glad your mom is doing better and that you were able to enjoy some time away from the cyber world! I had a nice break from it too, and it was refreshing!

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