Learning from Writing

Tuesday February 1, 2010

This blogging thing -- all this writing stuff really -- is SO good for me! I've realized lately that the process of thinking things through and putting them down in an understandable manner for someone else ministers to me.

I should have known. I remember when I was a senior in college and had to take this terribly hard Linguistics class that all English Ed. majors had to take. I thought I knew grammar, but we were each assigned a lesson to teach. Culling through it, coming up with examples, and articulating that for my classmates convinced me that to teach something, you really have to know it.

And the same goes for writing. I publish a weekly newsletter and the process of writing that each weekend just does my heart good. This week's was called Outnumbered by the wait. We all have times when we have to wait for something, and it's hard. As I worked through the writing process, I was reminded of so much that I knew in my heart -- so much I've learned as I've waited.

It's funny -- sometimes we think we write to get something out there, but the Lord uses that experience to teach us! I'm thankful for that. I've learned a lot as I've written, and I plan to keep on learning.

Linking up today with Jen.

How about you? Have you found that you learn through the process of writing?


Heidi @ Decor & More said...

So true, Laura! I have a love of learning so my writing just feeds that, too. Nourishment for the soul.
Have a blessed day!

Melissa said...

I definitely learn through the process of writing! Organizing my thoughts, gathering additional bits of information, and polishing the work are all opportunities to learn.

Just yesterday, while writing a blog post, I came across a Bible verse that I didn't recall reading before. Last night my husband read a line from a book, and it contained the same verse. I think it must be a verse that the Lord wanted us to notice!

Jean Wise said...

sos true. I love the discipline writing brings. I journal too and both the journaling and the blog posts keep me centered.

Rachy said...

I love writing. It can bring me clarity and catharsis. Such a great tool.

Unknown said...

oh yes -- my most recent example has to be the whole vision/dreaming thing. Waiting for God to reveal it was so important because during the waiting, He truly was preparing my heart. so grateful in hindsight!

Amy Sullivan said...

Yes, yes smarty, you've got it.

Initially, I thought I have so much to teach. Now I know I have SO much to learn. It is funny how that works.

Michelle said...

It's funny when I go to write my blog with intentions of one thing, that by waiting, God reveals Himself and His message to me.

Rose said...

writing releases my thoughts and soul. thanks rose

rjerdee said...

Hmmmm...learning through writing?...a good question.

I'm not exactly in love with the process of writing...it's a mystery to me and I'm always struggling with the crafting of it, correcting myself continuously. Words (for me) are secondary to my pictures...words are useful for explaining my pictures...is that learning? Perhaps.

Andrea said...

Yep yep! Me too!

Sometimes I'll start a blog and halfway through I realize, "OH! That's what my problem is!!" Writing has become an essential part of just dealing and facing life.

Michelle DeRusha said...

Absolutely, I cannot believe how much this writing journey has taught me -- and first and foremost: how to see and experience God in the everday clamor.

Writing has also connected me with friends like you -- and what a gift that is!

Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

Yes, I absolutely agree. It's what I love so much about my weekly writing practice (that I linked to at the bottom of my post). It's writing without a purpose in mind, just writing everything that's in your mind, not editing yourself - not even your doubts or inner critic. And whenever I finish and go back through to read, I do learn something. About what I'm thinking, about what God is trying to show me or teach me, or even through the response and thoughts of those listening while I read. That process is so much more powerful to me than the end product.

Great post. (p.s. Feel free to link to a post in your comments when you have something you've written that relates. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would want to click over.)

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