Lessons from a child

Tuesday February 8, 2010
The little boy came running full speed toward the car. Then suddenly he stopped. Still. He froze, his little arm extended as if he were still running.

He looked about three years old. He didn’t look back or forward; he simply froze.

That’s when I saw Mom, coming through the door of the house.

My windows were up, but I could imagine the scene. Little guy goes running toward the car and Mom calls, “Honey, stop.”

And he did.

That’s when I got introspective. Do I stop, freeze, and wait when I hear my Father’s voice?

All too often, I slow and look back over my shoulder as if to say, “Really? Did you want to talk to me?” Then I take a few more steps forward to see if He’ll call again. And sometimes, I just keep on walking, convincing myself I didn’t hear anything.

I’m learning more every day about the value of being childlike.
The wisdom of listening to my Father’s voice.

Linking up today with Jen.

How about you? Have you learned from a child lately?


Rachy said...

I work with the little children at church, and love it. Sometimes I even get to be their security blanket. Children are so sweet.

Unknown said...

Laura this is really good. I can so relate to this, especially right now. I happen to be in a season where I want the Lord to tell me each little step because I am afraid of reverting back to past behavior where I forge ahead and don't heed His call, or His calling.

Shonya said...

Delightful post, and introspection. Thanks for sharing (and challenging).

It's Grace said...

This is so good..too often I know I just keep going. A great reminder to stop and listen to Him. Linking up from Jen's today, so glad you joined in!


Karen said...

I love this post, Laura! Such a great visual.

Tiffini said...

I never tire of the visual of us as children...how much we learn from our own parenting..how God might see us...I am often full speed ahead:)

Amy Sullivan said...

Can't we learn so much from kids?

I've really been thinking about children and friendships lately. As a grudge holder, I have mountains to learn from kids about relationships.

Cooking Up Faith said...

Love this...so true!

Anonymous said...

I'm always telling my children the importance of listening for my voice; always. The same is so true for listening to the Father's voice.

I look forward to the opportunity to read your book. Thanks for stopping by today!


We all want our kids to listen . . . yet, I don't always want to listen. hmmmm.


Alexandra said...

I learn patience and forgiveness daily.

They hold no grudges, and they love me no matter what I do.

They are so very wonderful.

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