We Ask the Same Questions

Monday March 28, 2011
I visited one of my favorite blog friends the other day, and her question echoed in my heart.

Corrine wrote, “They’re kids, big kids. Doing big kid things. How did this happen?” Her post was accompanied by precious pictures, too. I love visiting Corrine. She always makes me smile, sometimes through my tears.

But that day, her words echoed in my heart. I’ve said them; I’ve lived them.

There are decades between the two of us, but so much is the same. The sands in the hourglass seem such a mystery. We’re just living, doing, being, and all of the sudden – they’re big. They’ve grown. Then, they mature.

I absolutely adore the baby days. Toddlers crack me up. Preschoolers are so entertaining. During the grade school years, you see so much growth. We suffer together through middle school, but smile and sigh when they emerge. Then there are those people who inhabit your house – at times – during the high school years.

Much of it is incredibly hard, but that just makes the inevitable beautiful shine all the brighter. It all fills up your heart.

No matter where you are right now, don’t dread the future. Enjoy today and welcome tomorrow. All of the growing and learning and loving ahead is a wonder to behold!

I'm posting today over at the Mother of Boys Society and there's a giveaway --come see me!


Unknown said...

oh. i know this. my younger turned 12 today. and when i went to awaken him, i noticed that he fills up his bed. and it seems like yesterday he was calling the remote control a moken patrol. but today, he will smile and joke and play some serious soccer and i will ENJOY!

Corinne Cunningham said...

I love your words... all of them :) Your encouragement from the other side of toddlerhood fills my heart!

Jean Wise said...

such an encouraging post today. Thanks

Tiffany said...

My husband and I were just talking about how soon it will be that our boys will be grown up and how fast time will fly. Your words are so true!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the encouraging words today, just when I was letting the doubt and despair slip in you gave me a stopgap.

Karen said...

Enjoy today and welcome tomorrow. Thanks Laura-I'm gonna let that sink in.

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