Rejoiced Over: Friday's Fave Five

Friday April 8, 2011
Can you name five blessings from your week? Susanne from Living to Tell the Story hosts Friday’s Fave Five each week. Click on over and see her if you’d like to join in!

Here are my favorites from this week:

1. A busy week. Well, I might as well be thankful for it; it’s one of those weeks that can’t be avoided. When I consider the alternative—a boring week—this week looks pretty good. Our production of Peter Pan is running Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so this week has been crunch time. I’m thankful that I’m just Assistant Director and don’t carry the main load. Long rehearsals this week, though. Not much time spent at home except to sleep!

2. The Ultimate Blog Party sponsored by Five Minutes for Mom. This is the first time I’ve joined up, and it’s been fun to meet new blog friends!

3. A nice bowl of soup. I know, it’s not winter—especially here in Florida. But it sure feels like it sometimes inside with all the AC blowing! (I live with a sweater or blazer, just in case.) I’m a big fan of breaking for lunch. I don’t do lunch meetings (as much as possible), I don’t let kids make up stuff at lunch. I think all of us need a short break in the middle of the day. I’m protective of my little lunch. And I love something hot. It makes me feel full and warm and comforted, somehow a bit relaxed. If you're soup fan and have a good, easy soup recipe, be sure to leave me a comment. I’d love a few new soup recipes!

4. Brotherlove. I wrote about Motherlove last week and how thankful I am for it. I’ve been reminded this week that I’m so thankful for brotherlove—the love my boys have for each other. They’re all so different, and no, they don’t agree on everything! But when push comes to shove, they love each other. When things are tough, they call on each other. I love that. It warms my heart to hear one of them say they’ve already called and talked this over with a brother or two. I love it that they’re there for each other.

5. This verse:

“He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing”
(Zephaniah 3:17).

Doesn’t that make you feel loved, treasured? He rejoices over us with gladness! He quiets us (even in the midst of a busy week), consoling and calming us with His love. He rejoices over us with singing.

Rejoice is such a great word, filled with joy. He has joy over us. We are loved, treasured, quieted, consoled in Him. What a blessing!


rjerdee said...

Love the part about brotherlove...I see it between my two grandsons who are brothers...they can fight like dogs but, in the end, they have each others' backs.

Jerralea said...

I've always loved that scripture!

I'm a soup fan, too. And I love my lunch hour ... I protect it as much as possible. It is my time to rest and relax - and read!

Lisa notes... said...

It’s crunch time over here too. My daughter’s drama performances are this weekend, sandwiched over the ACT test Saturday morning and taking engagement pictures for her big sister on Sunday afternoon. But come Monday, ahhhhh….

I keep hearing about the ultimate blog party. I’ll have to check it out. We had chili for lunch yesterday and even though it was warm outside, it was still delicious.

I love Zeph 3 also. Such a comforting thought to know that God is singing over US.

Faith said...

Great list and that verse is absolutely one of my very faves!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I understand perfectly about being protective of lunch time and enjoying that little break in the day. I'd feel the same way.

Hazel said...

With you on crunch time better than a boring week. Boredom could kill, I know, been there, got the T-shirt. Hot soup is very helpful against unwanted cold. The Yorkshire Moors taught me that. Happy weekend.

Jientje said...

Lunch is definitely a nice break in the day and soup is just the thing for it!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

It has been cold soup weather up here in n.h. but it is warming up now. We are going to get into the 50's and 60's, maybe even the 70's!
I love that verse too.

Karyn said...

One of my favorite verses!!

I also love to hear my boys talk about 'being there' for each other - or even just 'hanging out' with each other.

Soup. Probably my favorite comfort food. Especially homemade soup. What kind of soup do you like best? I have some great recipies.

Susanne said...

I love that scripture and this week especially "He will quiet me with His love". Oh how I need that quiet in my heart.

I can have soup anytime. Winter, spring, summer or fall!

I loved your favorite about brother love. It's awesome to see isn't it?

Deb said...

I'm sure that your Peter Pan production was a hit!

Hope that you can get some rest this coming week.

You deserve a little pampering after all of that work.

Sweet dreams.

Michelle DeRusha said...

I love your thoughts on breaking for lunch. Since I've been on a Lent multitask fast, I have tried not to work and eat at the same time, even if it's just 10 minutes of relaxing with a meal. If I'm home and the weather is warm, I take my lunch outside and listen to the birds -- it's far more rejuvinating than eating and working!

Karen said...

I know your Peter Pan went well, and would've loved to have seen it. That is a great verse that I sometimes can't see Him rejoicing over me for anything. But He does. Wow.

ellen b. said...

I'm way behind coming around this week. I remember my kids being in performances and all the work involved. I rejoice that our two boys love and enjoy each other as much as they do. It really is a blessing. I love soup. Glad you found so many blessings in your busy week!

Willow said...

I love that verse from Zephaniah!

Oh, soup! It's my favorite meal. I'm a huge fan of lentil soup--that saute celery, onion and parsley and then throw in lentils and veggie broth. If you need meat in it, cut up kielbasa and add it at the last minute. And then there's minestrone soup! Mmmmm, I always use pesto in my base for minestrone and throw in a few lentils for interest and protein.

Catherine said...

Hooray for brother love! I already see it with my boys. They have such a remarkable bond.

I hope the play is wonderful. (how could it not be?) And the blog party was fun, wasn't it?

I love soup too, but I cheat and go to the deli and pick some up. (one of the benefits of living in NY.. great delis with great home made soups!) I also love Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup.

What a beautiful verse, thank you!

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