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Thursday May 26, 2011

My daily simple pleasure?

That five or ten (or more…) minutes before I turn out the light. Perched in bed, propped up with two comfy pillows, I reach for my book.

I love to read at night. Sometimes I read only five minutes and I’m yawning. Others times it stretches to a half hour, an hour… When I’m nearing the last page, I’ll often push through and finish, regardless of the hour.

I remember when my boys were little. Our bedtime routine included a couple of songs, a story or two, and prayers. I loved the routine as much as they did! On nights when I felt particularly rushed, we opted for poems instead of stories. We had a great book of poetry for kids, and they’d pick a couple (usually the longest ones). I love poetry, and I feel like those moments were valuable ones, exposing my boys to the beauty found in the rise and fall, the lilt and cadence of verse.

Here I am, already looking forward to my daily simple pleasure, and it’s nowhere near bedtime!

I just may turn in a bit early…and read.

What about you? Do you have a favorite place and time for reading? Do you and your children have a bedtime routine that includes a story or two?

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Susan DiMickele said...

I have been reading more as well -- just this past spring -- and I agree it's a simple pleasure. My other simple pleasure is taking a bath. When the kids are in bed!

Unknown said...

after breakfast on days i don't have school. and in the evenings before bed. and waiting at practices. and between innings. and....would love to see your latest reading list. i will post one soon!

Jean Wise said...

Yes I am a bedtimes reader too especially since we remodeled the bedroom. nice and cozy. I also like reading outside on my deck when the weather is pleasant. good discussion Laura

Traci Michele said...

I found your blog at the Circles of Mom page. I was one of your first votes!

Will you consider voting for me? Here's the direct link:

Unknown said...

For most of my life I've not been much of a reader, but now that I have kids that has started to change. Not only do I read to them daily but I find myself picking up a book more often too. And like you I read in bed at night.

Faith said...

I LOVE to read and I usually read at breakfast, and at fave time is late afternoon or early morning in the summer months when I'm off work, out of my deck with a mug of coffee orlarge iced tea....and when the girls turned 12 months, we read every.single.night. 2 books until chapter books and then 1-2 chapters depending on length, plus a bible memory verse and prayers. LOVED that routine. My youngest insisted on the same Dr Seuss story every nite for a solid 3 years...(from age 2-5). "there's a wocket in my pocket" is one I will never forget. we even read when camping!! enjoy your book time tonite, Laura!!

Deidra said...

On the patio in the sun. I usually have two or three books going at a time. One in the car. One next to my bed. One on the kitchen counter. But when the weather begins to warm up and the sun starts showing off, I'm usually out on the patio.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Kindred spirit. Reading before lights out is my favorite time to read. I call it my day's dessert. But if we're on a trip somewhere, I read at all hours. I miss the days of childhood when I would read every night to my daughter. I still have all of her books.

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Ohhh... I love those moments at the end of a busy day to slide under the bed covers and reach for my book... or journal.

It's a true pleasure.

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