Trust the Catcher

Tuesday June 14, 2011
I want to know…now!
How’s this going to end up?
Is what I’m doing worth it in the long run?

So many questions, so little trust. That’s me, all too often.

Trust is one of the themes I plan to write about this month. I’m seeing the need for it all over the place – in my life, the life of my family and friends, in our culture.

In reality, the problem doesn’t see to be a lack of trust; instead, it’s misplaced trust. I don’t need more trust. I just need to put it in the right place.

When I want to know now, I’m trusting in me. I’ve decided, on my timetable, that this is the time to know. I’m not waiting on anyone or depending on anyone – I’m relying on myself and my own timetable.

Misplaced trust.

It’s wobbly trust, unsure, and I never feel secure with it. It happens over and over again. I've trusted in my own expectations and ability in marriage, in mothering, in writing, in work. I seem to think what I do will be a determining factor.

And in so doing, I discount the work of the One who loves me and knows what’s best for me.

My friend Jean wrote a post called Story Time with Henri Nouwen which quotes the story Nouwen told about a troupe of trapeze artists. The trapeze artist explains that it's not his job to catch himself; he must not grab or cling…he simply flies and waits for the catcher to catch him.

The trapeze artist said it like this: "A flyer must fly, and a catcher must catch, and the flyer must trust, with outstretched arms, that his catcher will be there for him."

So, my job is to fly. I need fuel for that and inspiration and light, so it’s best that I fly close to the Son, don’t you think?

“A flyer must fly…with outstretched arms…and his catcher will be there for him.”

So, fly on – and trust the Catcher.

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calej said...

Trust has been an ongoing theme for me as well. Ours must truly be an active faith that does not simply say "Yes Lord I trust you" but also yes, flies!

This reminds me of the tightrope walker that impresses the crowd with his daring feats. His final act is to walk the rope with a wheelbarrow 80 stories high but with a person inside.

He asks the crowd "Can I do it?" and they all say a resounding "YES!". But when he asks for a volunteer to ride the wheelbarrow, they all walk away.

The hardest thing is really to fly and to have active faith!

Happy flying to us! :)

Jean Wise said...

ahh, my favorite Henri Nouwen story. thanks for the mentioning it.

alicia said...

Oh, Amen, Laura! Yes, misplaced trust leads to all kinds of trouble, but I certainly find myself there often.

Unknown said...

I realize that I start to trust in control all too often. That is some definitely misplaced trust!

Unknown said...

i like thinking this way!

Elizabeth Griffin said...

Trust - What a great topic! I love how you distinguished between needing more trust and misplaced trust. So good!

Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

i like that adage...the flyers fly, the catchers catch...trusting in the right place...

Pamela said...

Misplaced trust. That spoke to me. I don't need more--I just need to change where I put it. It seems like everything I read the last couple days have been about trust. God's working on me!

Trusting on wobbly legs...

Theresa Miller said...

I love the visual of the trapeze artist. It is an art, isn't it? To simply trust "the catcher." The catcher of all of our dreams and intentions and mishaps - and spinning it all into something beautiful.

We are in the best of hands. Thank you for this visual and this message.


What a beautiful illustration. I get those two roles mixed up at times. You have such a sweet spirit and make me want to trust properly.


Jenny Roan Forgey said...

"I seem to think what I do will be a determining factor." I needed this line, especially for my writing. And: "my job is to fly." Amen sister! Thank you.

Eileen said...

I love how you explained it. It's not a lack of trust but a misplaced trust. So very true.

HeARTworks said...

Our God is able to be fully responsible for us when we trust in Him!

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