Eternal Summer: Friday's Fave Five

Friday August 26, 2011 Can you name five blessings from your week? Susanne from Living to Tell the Story hosts Friday’s Fave Five each week. Click on over and see her if you’d like to join in!

Here are my favorites for the week:

1. Izzie. I’ve discovered this awesome fruit juice and sparkling water drink! It comes in Sparkling Clementine and Sparkling Blackberry. No sugar, nothing added. It’s great!

2. A new recipes my hubby likes. And that’s no small thing. He’s a meat and potatoes guy who’s not really into trying new things. I keep chipping away at that, though, and this week it worked! I made Balsamic Pork Scaloppini with Tomato-Buttered Noodles. His comment was, “You’re really stretching my taste buds here, but I like it!”

3. Freezer food. I did a lot of cooking this summer and, with only three of us here, I had leftovers. I did a little freezer inventory last weekend and found I had a bunch of meals for me and the hubby and a couple of lunches to take to school. It’s been really nice!

4. A little more encouragement for my novel! I’ll give you the lowdown when I can, but for now, I’d love some prayer for the project. It still could go either way, but this news was encouraging for now.

5. A quote I’m trying to make my mantra.

“There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.”
(Celia Thaxter)

I’m facing the fact that summer is no more as I pitch headlong into the school year. But I’m trying to cultivate gratitude so there will be summer sunshine in my heart all year long.

As we close the door on August, I'm wishing you eternal summer, too.


Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Same for you, Laura! Prayers for your project and a wonderful school year. :)

Faith said...

yes...eternal summer sunshine in the heart...that's awesome Laura...sounds like a great week and that meal looks yummy!! I will keep you in prayer about the novel. Could you keep me prayer in the next week as I try to convince the school district to move me BACK to my regular kindergarten placement?? i just received word that they moved me to a self contained ASC class and it is NOT where i agreed to work....and i really can't quit my job...altho it's part time, we need the money....thanks!!

Jean Wise said...

That quote is fabulous! Never heard of that drink. I wonder if it is up north. will look for it.

Kathie said...

Love that quote - and I'll store it away too. Our son's wedding made the summer speed by a little faster than I would have liked but . . . I'll try to make the most of what is left!

Wish we could get that drink around here - sounds delicious!

Good for you re the novel- I'm saying a prayer for you right now.

Happy weekend!

Susanne said...

The drink sounds refreshing. Yum. I've got to start freezing some meals. Some days it's just so hard to cook and that would definitely be handy! Great quote for the end of summer.

Lisa notes... said...

My hubby is a meat and potatoes guy too. I rarely try new recipes because he doesn’t usually like anything different. Ha. Glad you found a pleasant way to stretch your husband’s taste buds!

Praying about your novel...I know the Lord will continue to use you in big ways through your words and love.

Anonymous said...

It's sure feeling like eternal summer here, lol!

Glad you found a new recipe hubby likes!

How nice to have some meals in the freezer for busy days now that school has started.

Hurray for the positive news about your novel!

Karyn said...

Yay for the encouragment re: your novel - I look forward to it.

It is the end of summer, isn't it? Good luck on this next year of school - I'm sure you will continue to be a blessing to your students!

How's that little grandbaby of yours doing? I haven't been around much this summer to catch up on the news.

Hazel said...

Gratitude indeed does wonders. Thanks for sharing Izzie. I'll google it. Glad to hear about your novel.

P.S. I remember you saying you'd love to see a picture of my literary puzzle (on a previous FFF post). I posted a picture of that today.

Kari said...

your new recipe sounds good. i think I'm going to have to start freezing meals, the days are long right now and I should really be outside with JJ.
Have a great school year and sending a prayer for your project/novel.

ellen b. said...

Great quote but I'd have to change the summer part to fall. I am enjoying the fact that we finally are having summer in the Northwest. How great that your husband had such a great compliment on that dish. Now I'm hungry...Have a great weekend.

Karen said...

I love #5. Beautiful quote.

The recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing the link!

I need to clean out my freezer and see where I am with meals and such. I hope I do as well as you and find something to fill up a menu plan! That's always a treat, isn't it?

Have a good weekend, Laura.

Brenda said...

How nice to have a freezer full of meals for busy times, I probably need to do that!

Love the quote again this week, its so true.

Unknown said...

ahhhh. great list!

Anonymous said...

The new recipe sounds great esp the noodles with sun dried tomatoes. Cool feature that the recipe comes with a printable;e shopping list.

I had forgotten about Izzie. I will put some of that drink on my shopping list for sure.

As others have noted, the quote is awesome and a great reminder about gratitude.

Willow said...

Oh, eternal summer--love that quote!

It's great when you can eat from the freezer especially during the school year when you're busier.

Love Izzie drinks, too!

Catherine said...

I love Clementines, I'll bet that's a great way to start the day. My husband is like yours. The more basic, the better.. and I have an inner Martha Stewart. LOL Oh well.
Sorry I'm so late stopping by. It was a rough weekend. Thanks for the quote. I'll hold onto the eternal summer feelings as long as I can. :)

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