Walking Through

Tuesday August 9, 2011

I don’t know what He’s doing. But I’m walking through open doors.

I don’t know what God is up to, what He has planned. But here I go.

The door seems the same, but I know better. And what waits on the other side, what He’s planned? That’s new and fresh and known only to Him.

But I trust Him.

So, new school year, fresh faces, a new mission.

I’m stepping through.

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Stacy @ Heartprints of God said...

I had the honor of teaching for 18 years. Each new year, each new class, each new face brought with it an eager, expectant anticipation of what God was going to do this year, in this class, in the heart of this precious child. Praying for you and rejoicing in this "new thing!"

Shanda said...

Way to go! It's called Trust and you just follow! god will bless you this year.

Victoria said...

I hope you have a really wonderful year!

Jean Wise said...

''Stepping through" holding His hand. Great way to start the school year. as always in my prayers!

Shonya said...

Are you trespassing in my brain?! lol I'm having same thoughts:

"I don't know what He's doing. But I'm walking through open doors. I don't know what God is up to, what He has planned. But here I go."

But my door doesn't seem the same.

Yet I still trust Him.

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

You know I'm on the door thing, too. Praying grace and wisdom, faith and trust, the Holy Spirit's guard as you walk through into this new space.


Laura, I am praying you have your best year ever.


Karen said...

Laura, I love that! I'm not starting school, but I feel that way in my life. Have a great year! Luv ya.

Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com said...

"I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord ...

Praying those verses for you today! And isn't it good to see Light through those open doors?

(Blessings upon you as you walk them.)

Jenny Roan Forgey said...

Hmmm...this sounds intriguing. I'm excited to hear more! I've been wondering...how old are your boys?

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