Christmas Punctuation

Monday December 12, 2011
Pastor asked today, “Which punctuation mark would you place after Christmas?”

Many place a comma after the word Christmas. Christmas comma…and follow that with a list of other things that create busyness and take up time. Christmas is just one more thing in a long list of events.

Some people would place a period after Christmas. They come to a stop at Christmastime. Something stops them in their tracks as others celebrate the season – the memory of one they loved and lost, past holidays that leave something to be desired, an unfulfilled wish for more than they have this year.

Still others place a question mark after Christmas. They wonder what it’s all about or how they really feel about it. They doubt the miracle, the divinity, or its place in their lives.

And some of us naturally follow the word Christmas with an exclamation mark! Yes, that would be me. I look forward to the season with anticipation and joy. And when I think of exclamation marks, I remember one of the few verses that contains them. It has always fascinated me:

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” (I John 3:1)

I love those exclamation marks in Scripture, don’t you?

And what better time to remember the love He has lavished on us than at the season of His Son’s birth?

Oh, I get caught up in the comma syndrome sometimes, and on a day that I look inward instead of upward, I may even use a period. But when I read about the love He has lavished on me, those exclamation marks jump out to remind me.

It’s “Christmas!” for me!

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Anonymous said...

What fun question to ask! I think I would have put Christmas ... Easter! But maybe my grammar is bad!

Michelle DeRusha said...

The former English major in me loves this post, Laura! On most days I say with confidence Christmas! But you are right, sometimes the comma and period take over.

Love that verse from John -- especially the word "lavished."

Unknown said...

Yes! You know, I've been a bit behind on the Christmas season this year because of our trip to Disney World. But He has been so faithful that it is not about any of the tangible things, but so much more about those intimate moments where we sit together on the couch and He lets me see the miracles He has done on this earth and in my life.

Unknown said...

Great post Laura so very true.

Jean Wise said...

Exclamation ponts adds enthusiasm for me. and the meaning of that word is filled with God - very appropriate I think!!!

Laura said...

Well, now you have me thinking...

I would have to say I've probably used all of these punctuation marks when it comes to Christmas at some time or another. But I'm moving closer to consistent use of the exclamation point ;). THanks for this, Laura. So fun!

Dea Moore said...

Yes, great question! CHRISTmas!!!!

Rachel said...

this is fun, and profound. i love how you have done this.

what a great question, and what a great thought! <3

Amy Sullivan said...

Ok, I love this idea. What punctuation would I place after Christmas. This year I'm really trying to put a period after Christmas. No running, no rushing, just stopping.

Thanks, friend.


I am not this way in all areas of life, but Christmas . . . Christmas!


Shanda said...

I want it to be Christmas!! for me too.

Loraine said...

Exclamation point because Christmas is good news! I think we tend to forget how good of news it really is. Thanks for the post!

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