Experience the Awe

Monday May 7, 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about reading lately. It’s one of my favorite activities, and it’s hard for me to understand why others don’t find such joy in it.

Lately, this thinking was prompted by a link my son sent me. He called it “one of my favorite people writing about one of my favorite things.” It’s a post on Christians, fiction, and literature, and here’s one of the most intriguing quotes, to me:

“The Bible doesn’t simply address man as a cognitive process but as a complex image-bearer who recognizes truth not only through categorizing syllogisms but through imagination, beauty, wonder, awe.” (Russell Moore)

Image-bearers … who recognize truth through imagination, beauty, wonder, and awe. I like that.

And that’s why I like books. They provide wonder, provoke thought, and make us contemplate truth.

When I list what I’m thankful for, words and language and books are always awfully near the top of the list. Words so often lead us to THE Word.

If you’re a mom looking for a good book for your boy
, I’m writing today over at MOB Society about Code of Silence by Tim Shoemaker. It’s great fun, full of great truth. We’d love to have you visit and check out my review today.

The teacher in me can't resist reminding you that this is Children’s Book Week, so read a book with a child today. Experience the awe!

Joining Laura, Jen, and Michelle with words from the heart.


Joe Pote said...

"Image-bearers … who recognize truth through imagination, beauty, wonder, and awe"

I love this quote! What a wonderful description of the believer's life!

Karen said...

Love that, Laura. I'll check ya out over thar! :)

Michelle DeRusha said...

Rowan is learning to read. Brad and I spy on him as he sits on the edge of his bed, feet dangling, his lips moving to the words of The Magic Treehouse. It's a beautiful sight to behold.

Alicia said...

Children's book week? The teacher IN ME loves to celebrate ANYTHING with books. Can't wait to hold a reading party with my little ones this week! I'm heading over to read your MOB post.

Courtney said...

I'm with you - I absolutely love to read. The quote you found captures the "why" beautifully! Going over to check out the book you suggest now . . .

Jean Wise said...

Great quote, Laura. Well thought out post too

Unknown said...

I got to meet Brooke from MOB!! So excited to see you at her place!

Annette Whipple said...

Are you familiar with the book Lit! A Christian Guide for Reading Books? I thought it was wonderful...and very much is about the wonder of books.

I passed along your book review when I first read it to our church librarian...always need more YA ideas for boys/young men!

Annette Whipple said...

Oh...my review in case you are interested. http://www.thissimplehome.com/2012/04/lit-christian-guide-to-reading-books.html

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