Simplicity in May

Friday May 18, 2012

I’m a little late to the party this week, but things have been busy. There’s always time to count blessings, though, isn’t there?

Today I’m sharing another nugget of truth from Confessions by Augustine. Love that book!

I’m linking up with Susanne to talk about our five favorites of the week for Friday’s Fave Five. Click on over to Living to Tell the Story if you’d like to join us.

Here are my favorites for this week:

1. Mother’s Day. A nice day for me. We got to go to church—with our son Andrew! We decided church and lunch out would be too taxing all in one day, so we did our Mother’s Day dinner out on Saturday afternoon. Red Lobster never looked so good to me. It was great! And the cards and calls from my other three boys just made the day…along with those peach roses my hubby had waiting for me on Sunday.

2. Faithful friends…who are still saying, “Do you need ANYthing?” How sweet!

3. The end of a class, beginning of another. I just finished a class (the exam was this past week), and am ordering my books for another. This one is Machiavelli and Aquinas. Right up my alley. I’m excited!

4. Brother bonding. I love that my boys love each other. I remember those days when they couldn’t look at each other without complaining about the other. Now, they look forward to getting together, washing cars together, talking, phone calls. So glad they have each other.

5. This quote. We read Confessions by St. Augustine in the class I just finished, and I mined enough quotes to last for quite a while. I’m trying to intersperse them with others, though, so as not to overload you!

“…there is no greater simplicity than in you…Idleness appears as desire for a quiet life; yet can rest be assured apart from the Lord? …. There is no reliable security except with you.”

In these complicated, crowded days, He is our greatest simplicity; He is our only reliable security. He is our rest.

Wishing you rest this week,


Pamela said...

Resting in Christ...a beautiful place to stay. What a special list of favorites!

Kathie said...

I feel the same way about my boys - so sweet to see them enjoy one another's company and their sister too. But there is something special about the male bonding.

So glad Andrew made it out to church with you on Mother's Day.

Finding our rest in Him - another great Augustine quote.

Happy weekend!

Susanne said...

There is no rest like the rest of the Lord!

How nice that Andrew was able to do dinner one day and church the next.

We don't have a Red Lobster here. It's a treat for when we go see our daughter.

Annette Whipple said...

Yay for spreading out the cheer last weekend!

Thank you for the mention of your boys bonding NOW. My oldest fight (not bicker) so's hard!

Faith said...

Ah....that quote! It's what I needed to read tonite. And Laura!! thank you so much for the email...i haven't had a chance to respond but.....please know it touched my heart to read you are praying about that situation I shared. My group is praying for you all too!! so glad you had a great mother's day and that your sons are enjoying each other. that is one thing i am sooo thankful for: the closeness of my daughters, emotionally. with the 5 1/2 yr difference i thot it would be tough but they hav always been very close. it's special to see our children enjoy each other.

Gattina said...

What a nice mother day ! We didn't do any celebrations, my son and family are living in Holland. But I got a little gift and a Skype conversation !

Jean Wise said...

Another class? well one advantage of all these classes you are taking is the great quotes you are sharing. LOL. love them.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful quote and a constantly needed reminder. I love it that you tackle these books with such gusto.

Mothering From Scratch said...

Hi Laura,
I know it has been a very tough few months for you and your family. I'm so sorry for all you've been through, but inspired by the faith and grace you've exhibited through the trial. It always helps to focus on our blessings, doesn't it? :) Glad your boys treated you right on Mother's Day. You deserve it!

Marg said...

It's so good to see you taking those classes...I can tell that you are totally inspired...I have not taken a good workshop or class for sometime..something for me to think about.
I don't have all the details, but I recognized that you have been through a crisis this past winter. Hoping that things are getting better.

Bluerose said...

I'm glad you mentioned "Brother Bonding"! Mine are so mean to each other some days, I don't know what to do. I do have hope, though. ;)

Thank you for that quote, too!

Barbara H. said...

I'm way late visiting for FFF - My oldest son flew in for a long weekend and my youngest graduated yesterday.

Your Mother's Day sounds great! I love Red Lobster.

I've never read Confessions but should.

It is nice to see brothers getting along and enjoying each other as adults.

Mom24 said...

I think when my kids get along it makes me feel successful as a parent in ways that nothing else can. Sounds like a pretty nice week. Good luck with your class.

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