Family Summer Fun #3

Wednesday June 13, 2012

Welcome to Summer Fun, Week 3!!

Click on over every Wednesday for some quick, easy ideas for filling up summertime with the kids.

Here are a few great ideas for family fun.

Summer Fun Ideas - Week 3

1. Write letters.
Proclaim Family Letter Writing Day and have everyone write a letter to someone different in the family. Then take a trip to the Post Office together to mail them. OR write a letter to each of your children. Mail them and watch those surprised faces when each gets his or her own mail.

2. Take a nature walk and pick up treasures around the neighborhood or a nearby park. Bring them home and arrange a show for Dad. Have the kids meet him at the door and take him on a guided tour through their exhibit. OR use those treasures to make mixed media artwork. Complement your nature items with foil, yarn, cereal, wrapping paper, colored toothpicks -- create your own works of art.

3. Work on a puzzle together. OR take a family picture, run to the photo place, and have a puzzle made. Then put it together.

4. Plant something, inside or out. If you plant inside, paint and decorate your flowerpots first.

Remember, since Father's Day is coming, any of these ideas can be used for Dad's Day as well. (Have the kids write their letters to Dad, make a puzzle or planter for him, or host a Father's Day Art Exhibit with Dad as the guest of honor.)

What about you? How have you whiled the summer hours away so far? What has worked -- and what hasn't?

Do share! I'd love to hear.


Mothering From Scratch said...

{Melinda} Great ideas, Laura. I especially love the one about actually mailing letters to your kids. Even at 12 and 15, my kids love to get mail! Heck, I still love to get mail (except for bills!)

Megan said...

I love your letter writing idea!! There is nothing more precious than a heartfelt, hand written letter.

I love summer!!!!!

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