A Form of Mending

Friday October 26, 2012

If you’ve stopped by here lately, you know my goal has been to write 31 Days to Rest.

So rest has been on my mind.

And what better way to think of rest than “a form of mending”?

I’m linking up today with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday’s Fave Five, where we recount the week’s blessings.

My last blessing, a quote, sheds a little more light on that idea of rest as a form of mending…so read on!

My favorites for this week:

1. A birthday celebration. I celebrated a birthday this past Sunday, complete with birthday flowers and a great dinner out. Love my flowers and my considerate husband. It was a great day!

2. Dedicated moms. I had jury duty this week, and at lunch I ended up at the table with three other ladies. Moms, all of us. Our conversation turned (of course) to our children. I was shocked and saddened to realize that all three other moms were raising their children alone. And they’re doing a great job—holding kids accountable, expecting respect, giving love. I’m thankful—and prayerful—for moms who give so much, as they go it alone.

3. Shakespeare. I just finished teaching King Lear and began The Tempest. How I love the bard!

4. An unexpected day off. Hurricane Sandy is on her way, and although a direct hit is not predicted, tropical storm force winds keep the school buses off the road. Hence, no school…and the hope of just a little wind and rain.

5. This quote:

“God made us from dust. We’re never too far from our origins. The apostle Paul says we’re only clay pots—dust mixed with water, passed through fire. Hard, yes, but brittle too. Knowing this, God gave us the gift of Sabbath—not just as a day, but as an orientation, a way of seeing and knowing. Sabbath-keeping is a form of mending. It’s mortar in the joints. Keep Sabbath, or else break too easily, and oversoon. Keep it, otherwise our dustiness consumes us, becomes us, and we end up able to hold exactly nothing.” (Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God)

Sabbath, rest—not just as a day but as an orientation. It keeps us from breaking, strengthens us, makes us able to hold all we’re given.

Wishing you a little rest this weekend,


Annette Whipple said...

Happy birthday!! I'm glad you celebrated! Each year is a blessing.

Those are some beautiful leaves.

Stay safe...and enjoy the day off!

Barbara H. said...

A belated happy birthday to you! Sounds like a great time!

I love unexpected days off.

That is a great quote. I became convince years ago that the Sabbath was so much more than just a day off from physical work. It's something we don't understand and treasure enough, I think.

Susan said...

Love your birthday flowers. They are so cheery. I am sending belated greetings to you too, Laura.

I am on a classics reading binge right now. So I know I'll be getting into the Bard. Too bad you don't have an online class for his works. I'd sign up in a heart beat!

I am around a lot of moms who are single parents. They certainly do need our prayers, encouragement, and friendship. Thanks for the reminder about what a good job so many are doing.

Brenda said...

Very pretty flowers, Happy Birthday! We celebrated my husbands BD this week. Its fun to make a day special for another person :)

Susanne said...

Love that Sabbath quote! I feel like sending it to the powers that be that insist stores and services go 7 days a week and insist their employees bend to their ways even when they would like to observe the Sabbath! I will now step off the soap box lest I start to sound preachy!

Happy belated birthday! What a beautiful bouquet.

It is definitely a hard job being a single parent. I can't even imagine the stress they must be under.

nikkipolani said...

I like that quote -- a great reminder to rest in the sabbath He's made for us. Glad you had a great birthday and even an extra day off.

Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com said...

Look at those beautiful flowers! Happy birthday to you. I hope it was splendid! All the best to you in the coming year.

Susan DiMickele said...

An unexpected day off is a beautiful thing. God knew you needed rest. And Happy Birthday!

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