A Word from a Teen

Wednesday  October 24, 2012

I overheard a conversation in my classroom the other day, and it hit home.

A good reminder for parents and for teachers alike.

Writing at My Teachers Lounge today ... listen in on the conversation.


Amber said...

I could not comment over on that post. So I will comment here. :-)

That post hit home for me as well. Even though I homeschool it is a thought that I needed to hear.

I too find myself not praising the kids near enough. I am going to make sure I start changing my focus from what is not "as I wish", but what they are doing well.

Thank you for this post.
I needed to hear/read this right now.

Susan said...

Great point, Laura. I do think fleeting "grateful" thoughts about others. Now I need to make sure I take the time to say them.

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