The Mystery of Joy

Friday January 25, 2012

A candle in the joy, shining forth in the darkest of places. (Stayed tuned for the quote!)
I'm quite late for the party, but I'm linking up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story today for Friday's Fave Five, where we share the blessings of our week.
My favorites for this week?
1. Strawberries, pineapples, and newspapers. An odd assortment, isn't it? I love these, though, because they're what my husband thanks me for regularly. He says, "I appreciate you cutting up strawberries and pineapples for me. I know it takes time." And the newspaper? I take a moment to throw it up to the doorstep before I leave each morning so he can enjoy it without stepping outside. Never thought it was much of anything until one day he said, "Thanks, honey, for always throwing the paper up here for me."
2. A short week! I loved having Monday off. In fact, I posted on Facebook: "If you had been in my kitchen just now, you might (or might not) have seen me peeking at the calendar to see when the next three day weekend is!"
3. The brother bond. Over the three day weekend, three of our boys got together. (One lives too far way, and right now he's at Sundance Film Festival with press credentials, watching films and writing!) The three brothers had a good time and I love thinking they're together...I also miss being close enough to run over there.
4. My sweet grandson and pictures on my phone. This one came this week with the message, "He just had to have the hat today. He made it very clear." He looks as happy as a little monkey, doesn't he?
5. A quote: "Joy is a mystery because it can happen anywhere, anytime, even under the most unpromising circumstances, even in the midst of suffering, with tears in its eyes..." (Frederick Buechner)
We passed the one year mark since our son Andrew's accident several weeks ago, and I'm more contemplative than I thought I would be. I keep thinking, "This time a year ago..." And I remember a lot.
I remember the despair, the helplessness, the reaching out for the only One who could really do anything in that situation. And believe it or not, I remember the joy.
Not the ha-ha funny kind of joy, but the deep joy that holds hands with contentment. The one that permeates even the darkness, whispering, "It's not okay right now...but it is." That kind of joy you can rest in, even when you can't sleep. Because it comes from the Father.
Thankful for the mystery of joy,


Unknown said...

i always love your friday list! brothers as friends? it's what i pray for mine....

Jean Wise said...

Great quote, great post and what a handsome grandson! I agree with Kendall - love your Friday list

Barbara H. said...

Those little thoughtful gestures mean a great deal.

I love three-day weekends, too, even though all the rest of the week I am confused about what day it is. :-)

So good the brothers could get together, and I'm so glad for technology that helps us see and keep in touch with loved ones.

Susanne said...

It's those little thoughtful things that show we love each other. It's always wonderful when the receiver notices and takes the time to thank the giver.

Love the pic of your grandson in the cute monkey hat. Love when adult kids build great relationships with each other.

Faith said...

"deep joy that holds hands with contentment". i LOVE that, Laura!!

Yay for the little things that bless our spouses. I'm guessing he's an acts of service kind of guy.

Your grandson is getting so stinkin' big!! where does the time go?? seems like you were just posting about his birth!!

OH and I read your comment about snow hiking. Don't be too impressed. The snow was only ankle deep on the trail, it was in the low 30's except near the lake where it was only 22 and it was a fairly flat trail...just about 1/4 mile was uphill. I went because being in the house was making me crazy AND I wanted to "test" my lower back. I still feel great....God is GOOD!!

Karen said...

Oh, Laura that grandbaby is adoooorable! And a year ago. Amazing all the Lord has done. In the midst of it all, joy. Amen.

Annette Whipple said...

Not that we have experienced what your family and Andrew have, but as our youngest, now 15 months, has not had any serious health problems-or even an emergency room visit, let along strong meds, hospital stays, and tests that require nasty sedation....we are grateful that we have gone this long without any life threatening problems-and so thankful for God's protection for the older two and for seeing us through the problems we did face.

Willow said...

That grandson is as cute as mine :) And they look amazingly similar--such cute cheeks.

I love it when my kids get together and have a fun time with each other. If one of yours had to miss the fun, at least he was doing something awesome--SFF!

I remember your posts from last year. SO thankful your boy is healing.

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