From Dead Wood to New Life

Monday February 11, 2013
God said to Abraham, “I will make you a great nation.”

Abraham takes his barren wife and passes through a land of famine. Yet he believes.

It is 25 years later when Abraham and Sarah’s son, Isaac, is born.

“I will make you a great nation” rings in Abraham’s ears, but is soon drowned out by “Take your only son and sacrifice him as a burnt offering.”

But Abraham gets up and goes – early the next morning. His only son bears the wood on his back for the sacrifice.

Abraham’s words to his servant? “We will worship and then we will come back to you.” Abraham believes.

What does he believe?

He has seen God bring life from a barren womb, to a couple long past child-bearing age. Abraham believes that God brings life, even from death.

So he obeys. He trusts God, not his own plan or thought or reason. Abraham trusts God.

And God provides.

Abraham, the father who did not withhold his only son…reflects the greater Father.

Isaac, the son who bore the wood of the sacrifice on his back, who went willingly at the word of his father, calls to mind a darker Friday when the Son bore his wooden cross to the place of sacrifice.

And in each, life comes from death. Light from darkness.

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Clella said...

Amen...and often we forget that "God Can" Thanks Clella

Anonymous said...

I came over from Michelle's place...lovely thoughts. Just beautiful...thank you for the reminder.

Beth said...

Oh, to have Abraham's faith as he climbed that mountain with his son. I also appreciate your reminder that Christ was like Isaac--carrying the wood on his back. I've not thought of that connection before and it's just another way God reaffirms His love and His plan to all of us. Thanks so much, Laura Lee! Very encouraging!

Amy Sullivan said...

Even now, I long for even a fraction of this kind of faith.

Laura said...

this is one of the most convicting stories in the Bible for me, Laura. Would I? Could I? It still bids me deeper after all these years of wrestling with it.

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