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Monday June 3, 2013

The Old Testament continues to amaze me.

For years, I considered it important but, well, separate.

Parts of it were beautiful to me, but honestly, my interest was in the New Testament. I was more comfortable there.

But lately, the Lord has just increased my thirst for the treasures of the Old Testament.

I should not be so amazed that the God who brought us the Word, the beautiful world, and His Son could have crafted such a treasure.

It seems to me that the underpinnings of each Old Testament story are made of grace.

Centuries before we ever see Jesus, the ultimate grace gift, God elevates a simple shepherd boy, anointing him as the coming king. And I see grace. As God shows us a king who stumbles but pours his heart out to God in repentance, I see grace again.

And then there’s Josiah.

At eight years old, he takes the throne. He comes from 150 years of wickedness on the throne; he has no model for holiness. Until the Book is found in the temple.

Then he cleans house.

2 Kings 23 tells us Josiah renewed the covenant, and the people followed his lead. Under his direction, pagan altars are torn down, pagan priests are done away with, memorials to godless gods are destroyed. And the nation makes an about face. Josiah and his legacy? In verse 25, we read:

“Neither before nor after Josiah was there a king like him who turned to the Lord as he did—with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his strength.”

From one boy king, David the shepherd, to another, Josiah…God gifts ordinary people to do His work.

In the unlikeliest of times, from the unlikeliest of men, His grace breaks through.

David. Josiah.
A simple carpenter’s son, despised and rejected...raised to be the Lord of all.

Pure grace, my gift.

I'm linking up with Laura, and Jen today.

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Laura said...

And you are igniting in me a fire for these stories! Doesn't the boy Josiah just capture your imagination? So many good stories to learn from in the Word. It never grows old, does it?

Beth said...

I'm like you, Laura Lee, and have gravitated toward the New Testament, but recently I've been reading in 1st Samuel and the Psalms. Both have been so encouraging, and like you've pointed out--full of God's grace and love. Thanks so much for your heart to pursue His, sweet friend. I always feel encouraged when I visit your place. :)


I have spent a chunk of the year in Nehemiah. Glad your enjoying the Old Testament.
Is school out soon?


Unknown said...

I have done a couple Bible stories from the Old Testament and was so intrigued by how much the Old Testament corresponds and foreshadows events from the New Testament. As I read more and more into the Old Testament, and see the correlation to the New Testament it's ultimate proof that the hand of God has breathed those scriptures.

Very interesting post!

Anonymous said...

"God gifts ordinary people to do His work." True words. Encouraging words. I'm visiting from the Soli Deo Gloria link-up. Thanks for sharing! :)

Unknown said...

Dear Laura
Oh yes, dear one, the Old Testament are filled with so much treasures showing us our Pappa's plan of redemption in Jesus. What I find especially interesting is how the lives of the saints of the Old Testament tell a story of our inner journey to our own Canaan; a life livd in Jesus. Visiting via Jen's.
Sweet blessings

Amy Sullivan said...

I like what you said about the OT being important, but separate. Ha! I still struggle with that.

Love the truth you share here, LG.

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