When life hurts...

Tuesday February 18, 2014 

This life is no bed of roses.

Even those with an eternal hope can attest to that.

In fact, a seminary professor said in one of my classes, “Life is more like crawling through broken glass.” 

Think back to a garden—one that held a tomb. A woman wept, a totally appropriate response, and one most of us have shared. The events of the previous day were full of shame and heartbreak. The cross is an ignoble way to die and the loss of the Messiah was disheartening to his followers.

And now, a tomb and a woman in tears.
This looks like a hopeless picture. 

Then, the woman sees Jesus. 

Suddenly this story echoes an earlier one—but this bower holds a new man and a remade woman and now, a garden full of life.

And the woman? She goes from weeping to running and proclaiming to all.

Life is full of tears. Totally appropriate ones.

But we live in the shadow of the cross where there’s hope and help and promise.

And the Man in the garden? He's alive, and He loves us.

And suddenly, love shines through the broken shards around our feet.

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