Impossible to Possible

Monday March 25, 2014 

He’s the God who makes the impossible possible. 

He brought light from darkness.
He brings life from death.

And the more I read the Bible, the more convinced I am that He’s the God of the unexpected.

The King of Kings and the Prince of Peace has a genealogy that includes not only a king who sinned, but a Gentile woman and a harlot. Tucked inside those names are stories of hope—hope for those born in the wrong place, to the wrong group. 

He includes David and Ruth and Rahab, reminding us that our inclusion in this family is dependent on God—not on our birth, our status, or our performance. No matter where we begin, He finds us and grafts us in. We are adopted into the royal bloodline, related forever to the King of Kings.

What greater picture of the hope of the Gospel? Foreigners, outcasts, aliens, He welcomes home. How can we do less? 

This post is both written in celebration and in anticipation. In celebration of little ones come home. My dear friend, Missy Roepnack and her sweet husband and family of four have just welcomed two more to the family—Aaron and Haven, two children from China with dwarfism and special needs. The story is one of open hearts, open arms, and lives lived ever for His glory, and you can read it here. With a total of six children now, it’s bound to be quite the busy house, but once Missy posts the homecoming pictures, you’ll see the joy. I just have to share one quote from Missy, who never misses an opportunity to point to the gospel. As she wrote of waiting for her children, she said:

“I do want to remind you all that there is a God who is making all things new, and that He is waiting for you. I would have missed EVERYTHING if I had missed Jesus.” 

That’s certainly worth celebrating. 
And the anticipation? 

The Groves family is waiting for adoption news that we think may come soon. And when we can share a name and a face, you will see it here! My son and his sweet wife are adopting a little girl from India and things are moving ahead. They’ve made great strides in their fundraising, they’ve filled out countless forms, waited for over a year, and we can’t wait to share what God is doing when we can. Pray for us, with us, as we wait. And then, one day, you will see a homecoming post right here! You can hear their heart for adoption in this video.

Those of you who are fans of a good story and have a love for international adoption, I’d love for you to check out Pearl, my novel. (Proceeds from the sale go to my future granddaughter’s adoption fund.)

Until that little one is here, we’re depending on the One who makes the impossible possible. 

He IS hope—the One who opened His arms wide to make us—the undeserving—His own.

Even when the road is rocky, He’s always there—the One who makes possible the impossible. 

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Lisa notes... said...

"And the more I read the Bible, the more convinced I am that He’s the God of the unexpected."

And the more I see Him still move today, even more convinced I am that He's the God of the unexpected. Grateful for your friends' adoption coming through, and anticipating much joy when you get to meet your newest grandchild on home soil, hopefully soon! Your words and hope are always a blessing to me, Laura.

Shonya said...

Amen, amen! Beautifully said. The great Redeemer! I've misplaced your dil's blog addy and am completely out of the loop!

Lisa Lewis Koster said...

It looks like we're on the same wavelength this week! I just wrote a post and said, "God is not beyond doing seemingly crazy things to get His point across." You just never know with Him :)

Faith said...

Amen!!! Oh how excited I got when I saw this linked via FB!!!! IGod certainly does do the unexpected.....with Him ALL things Re possible including raising special little ones and waiting for that Indian princess. 😄

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