In the Mirror

Monday March 10, 2014

I think we stare at ourselves in the mirror for far too long.

It’s called introspection, self-examination, navel gazing, reflection. Some terms are kinder than others.

My problem with such self-examination is that we tend to wallow. We stay where we are, claiming grace as a justification for all our flaws.

Yes, grace is there. And it’s free and boundless and unlimited. There is no line. 

But how can we to respond to that grace? With a fathomless awe and love that compels us to One who is the Good. 

W.H. Auden sums it up beautifully, as he so often does:

“Unless introspection is accompanied…by an equal passion for the good life, it all too easily degenerates into a spineless, narcissistic fascination with our own sin and weakness.” 

Give me that passion for good—for You, Lord—so that, in Your power, I respond to Your grace.

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1 comment:

Shonya said...

Oh Laura!
If you only, only knew how much I appreciate this quote!

Is it enough to say I have a 16yos who tends toward perfectionism? :)

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