Craving certainty

Friday May 2, 2014 

It's easy to feel adrift, in need of safety and security.

We crave certainty in an uncertain world.

How do we find it? In an unlikely place.

Stay tuned for my fifth fave, a quote that will, paradoxically, remind you where to find it.

I'm linking up with the ladies of Friday's Fave Five today as we recount the blessings of the week. Won't you give thanks, too?

My favorites this week:

1. The month of May! To quote my Facebook status earlier this week, "Month of May, you are my friend." Not surprisingly, quite a few other teacher friends "liked" that one. Looking forward to slower summer days.

2. A class I'm taking. I'm learning so much. This classes is full of inspiration and truth. I may just take some kind of class all my life... Love to be a student.

3. Conversations with my boys. I just love hearing from them. Of course, it makes me wish we lived closer to one another, but I love to have a chat on the phone with each one. It's great.

4. My students. I'm sure that's a repeat because I say it a lot, but even here in the last weeks of school, I do love these high school kids. They drive me crazy sometimes, but I'm usually smiling as I go over the edge. :0)

5. This quote:

"Security is not to be found in your wisdom and strength, but in the moment by moment grace that meets you in your weakness." (Paul Tripp)

This is so true. I know I strive to be strong, to figure everything out, to be wise...but His strength is make perfect in my weakness. Love the paradoxes of the gospel. 

All I have to do to find my strength, my safety, my security, is to yield--and the beauty of it is, the One I'm yielding to considers me precious and loved and valued.

Wishing you grace this week,  


nikkipolani said...

I appreciate the quote and your comments, Laura. It's hard to keep our security from wandering to something tangible.

I smiled at your over the edge comment :-)

Susanne said...

Love that quote and a good thing to remember. "...Smiling as I go over the edge" made me laugh out loud. You put into great words exactly how I feel sometimes with my precious dayhome kidlets.

Faith said...

Perfect quote for my life right now. I'm gonna copy that down!! Well, this teacher still has 9 weeks of school left. But my college gal will be home, God willing , in about 2!!!
Enjoy the weekend Laura!

Willow said...

Over the edge---yeah, my husband is at the stage with the college kids. I'm still smiling, too.

Love that quote. It reminds me of what I read recently in "A Million Little Ways" by Emily Freeman.

I'm glad you're enjoying your class.

Thanks for your sweet comments last week about our new grandchildren-- I look forward to hearing your announcement about your new little one!

Jerralea said...

Yes! I want to find my security in His grace.

God's blessing be upon you for working with high school students. It takes a special person. I'm glad you are one of the special ones.

May is definitely one of my favorite months, too.

Barbara H. said...

I love this month, too. My college boy just finished his classes - I think I feel almost as relieved as he does. :-)

The class sounds fun!

It's so good to be able to talk to our far-away kids through the week.

Love your quip about smiling as you go over the edge. :-)

That quote is so true.

Anonymous said...

Definitely needed to hear this today! Keeping that quote in my thoughts, Thank you! <3

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