The Wonders to Come

Friday  July 25, 2014

The wonders to come—that’s a glorious subject, isn’t it?

More on those wonders, even amidst a rocky path, in my fifth favorite, a quote.

Join me as I recount the blessings of the past week…and a couple of the weeks before that, too.

I’ve been “out of pocket” for quite a while, busy with summer and traveling and family and study. Feeling thankful, I figured Friday’s Fave Five was the best time to jump back in. Each Friday, we share our favorites of the week. Won’t you join in?

My favorites this week:

1. Study—lots of it. My summer began with study, as I attended a summer residency toward my new Ph.D. program. It was inspiring and scary all at the same time. I met some wonderful people, students and professors alike. My introductory class went well, and I’m signed up for more this fall. (Along with teaching  high school, of course.) Right now I’m finishing up an independent study course to complete another program I began a while back. I’ve not lacked for reading and writing this summer. The great thing is, that’s what I love to do.

2. Family time. We’ve been back a couple of weeks, but I haven’t had a chance to post about our family time. I got to see my mom and spend some quality time with our grandson, Aiden. In fact, we got to travel with him and his parents to New York state to see family. (He did not lack for attention the entire vacation, as you can imagine.) We got to see him catch his first fish, and we even got to keep him a whole day by ourselves while Mom and Dad explored the city. We were also blessed to have our youngest and his girlfriend along. A blessing all around.

3. Planning ahead. Yes, I’m already thinking ahead to the holidays, planning to have them ALL together. My son and daughter-in-law are adopting a little girl from India, and the long process is getting shorter. I’m praying we’ll have her home for Christmas. Wouldn’t that be something?

4. Long-time love. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary in June, complete with roses and an evening out, then we took off across several states together, as we’ve done so many times. More times than not, it was with a van full of boys and a dog and, yes, times have changed—but some things don’t. He’s my favorite traveling companion, the one I love to come home to and with. I’m thankful for him, maybe now more than ever.

5. This quote:

“Your future is signed and sealed by grace. The wonders to come will make the hardships of the journey worthwhile.” (Paul David Tripp)

We’ve all walked bumpy roads and smooth ones, and if truth be told, we prefer the easy road. But when you know grace holds your future, it’s easier to hang on. 

And realizing that the wonders to come will give meaning to the rocky path is like seeing the sun over the top of a hill.

Wishing you grace that levels out the road,


Barbara H. said...

A belated happy anniversary to you and your husband! I'm glad you're having such a great summer so far, especially some good time with your grandson.

Jerralea said...

Love that quote! I definitely need to add that to my collection.

So glad you are having all these opportunities to connect with family!

Best wishes with your studies.

Jean Wise said...

That is a wonderful hope filled quote. Love it and welcome back to blogging. You have lots to be thankful for!

Karen said...

So good to see you on FFF again, Laura. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Your summer has been busy and joyful, as summer should be. Praying that you'll have that new grandbaby for Christmas:)

Susanne said...

Welcome back! Have missed you! So nice to see that you are having all this wonderful family time and that your summer is full and happy. I applaud you for the step of getting your PhD. That is amazing. And happy belated anniversary!

Clella said...

I almost always read your Friday Fave, but just never comment. Decided I should do that just so you know . What a beautiful picture of life you give and the quote is hope filled isn't it?

Willow said...

Welcome back--I had noticed you were 'gone'. Taking those classes certainly kept you busy, but that's a good thing.

Happy Anniversary to you! What day? Ours is Bastille Day :)

nikkipolani said...

So nice to have you back with the fives, Laura! But with such a busy schedule with coursework, I can see why you've been otherwise occupied.

Melanie - Author/Editor/Publisher said...

Ooh I love that quote, going to write that in my journal!! Thanks for sharing :)

Happy (belated) anniversary! Glad you got family time this summer.

Sounds like you're busy with studying; good for you though and glad you're meeting new people.

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