Too Much to Carry

Monday August 18, 2014 

Sometimes there's just so much to carry.

And it gets to be too much.

What do you need to lay down today? 

Concerns about the future?

Doubts about yourself? About your parenting?

Worries about that son or daughter you’re sending off to college?

One day Moses, carrying his staff, met God.

Now, a staff isn’t a bad thing. It can be used for good—to walk, to direct sheep, even to ward off predators.

But God told Moses to throw it down. 
So he did. 

And after Moses picked up that staff, it was never referred to as “his” again; it was forever after called “the staff of God” or “the rod of God.” 

What do you need to lay down today? 
What are you holding so tightly to, trying desperately to wield in your own power? 

Throw it down.
Give it to God and pick it back up in His power, with His strength. 

There will still be tough hard times, but your strength will come from Him, not from you.
Moses held up his hands during the battle in Exodus 17 (likely with that staff), and they dropped after a time.

But what did Moses do?

He focused on God and what God would do. 
He let others come alongside him to hold his hands up. 

You can do that.

Throw it down—whatever you’re holding in your own power.
Give it to God.
Pick it back up in His name, with His strength.
Focus on Him. Let others help hold your hands up.

What do you need to lay down today?

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Michelle said...

Thank you for this. I really needed to hear it. It's easier said than done, but I'm going to try. =) Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

"...pick it back up in His power, with His strength." This is something so worthy of my remembering. I, far too easily, carry my loads and think I can handle them in my OWN strength.
I am so thankful we are neighbors tonight at SDG.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda

Unknown said...

It's true! There always seems to be new things in life to lay down & surrender...once one is given over, another can pop up to takes its place :) Learning to live more of a surrendered small step at time. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Smith said...

Love, love, love this story of the staff of God!!!

Melanie - Author/Editor/Publisher said...

Oh my gosh, EVERYTHING. I need to lay EVERYTHING down. Lately I feel very overwhelmed like I'm carrying everything myself but the easy thing would be to lay it down before the Lord; then I would get rest and some peace. Thank you so much for posting this. And maybe you can say a prayer for me :)

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