Kids and Media

January 23, 2010
In my post on Friday, I alluded to the new Kaiser Family Foundation report just published on media use and children.

It makes for interesting (and scary) reading, but what jumped out at me was the statement that "only about three in ten young people say they have rules about how much time they can spend watching TV, playing video games, or using the computer."

The report goes on to state that "when parents do set limits, children spend less time with media: those with any media rules consume nearly 3 hours less media per day than those with no rules."

And it all starts very early. Constantly sitting them in front of a television or taking the portable DVD player along as a pacifier will only compound the problem. Not that there's never a time and place for those things, but we have to be wise.

We have to be parents.

If we don't regulate media use when they're 5, how do you think that will go over when they're 15?

So start early. Be wise. And be a parent!


Stephanie M. Page said...

Great post!! You have a beautiful blog. I am now a followin'!

sillybreanna said...

I am becomming a follower as well :) LOVE IT!

RA said...

Setting limits to these kind of medias is really a must. I so agree to your post. Have a blessed week.

Karen said...

Oh, Laura, so many need that message, but it is so hard to break that cycle. Good one, dear friend.

Rita said...

I agree! Wish more parents could understand this.

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