A Story To Start the Week: An Ordinary Day in Momdom

January 25, 2010

It was an ordinary day in Momdom. Two bears at school, one at home. Plenty of laundry to do, books to read to the little one, toys to pick up, and maybe even a short nap before picking up the first two bears.

The fourth bear was just a gleam at this time – well, not a gleam in MY eye. I was just beginning to adjust to having three bears. The time spent with them and household management seemed to multiply exponentially from Bear #2 to Bear #3, and I wasn’t convinced I could really handle four of them!

As it turns out, Little Bear did have his nap, but Mommy had none – too much to do while he snoozed. And I had to rouse him from a deep sleep. Never a fun chore for a mom. Let sleeping bears lie, I always said.

He grumped a bit and lagged behind as we went to the car. He begged to sit up front, and I reminded him it wasn’t safe, as usual. Safe didn’t matter to a two-year-old. Little Bear whined and cried, and begged from the bottom of his heart.

I reminded him that was Big Bear’s seat, and Middle Bear would sit right next to him. Wouldn’t that be fine? Apparently not. He stuck that adorable lower lip out and pouted, crossing those chubby little arms.

“I hate to make him mad,” I thought, “but that might get me a little peace on the way to school.” This one was the talker. I called his chatter “stream of consciousness.”

It often went something like this: “Ooh, a bird. The bird is blue. I like blue, do you? (He didn’t wait for an answer.) B-B-blue…who are you? Who is that man on the corner, Mommy? Is he selling flowers? We have flowers in our yard sometimes.”

You get the picture. MY favorite game was, “Let’s see if we can be quiet until the next red light…”

But today he grumped in the back seat until we turned into the school. I eased the car into the pickup line and as we waited for Bear #2 to hop in, I heard a sweet little, “Mommy?” from the back seat. “Yes, “ I answered.

“Can I PWEASE sit up there dere, Mommy? I be yo’ bes’ fwen.”

As I looked in the rear view mirror, I saw two big blinks of those curly eyelashes and a hopeful smile. There was a tug on my heart as I answered, “I love you, Sweetie, and I’ll always be your best friend no matter where you’re sitting.”

It had seemed like an ordinary day in Momdom. Now everything glistened with motherlove.

And I thanked God for my blessings.


Unknown said...

Laura, thank you for stopping by. It makes me smile to know that there are others who appreciate the tenderness of a book and especially the Bible's pages.

Blessings for this week ahead.

Your take on mothering is gentle and loving.

Rita said...

Just love your story! Wish you had been around for me 45 years ago.But my 4 boys did all turn into men that I am proud of.

SuziCate said...

How precious is that! Glad you didn't give in...I hate seeing people with their small children in the front seat...real love is knowing "how" to say no, even to the sweetest and cutest things we've ever loved!

Victoria said...

How cute! And I agree with the previous poster--I'm glad you didn't give in.

Anonymous said...

A lovely tale, so tenderly rendered. Thanks for this reminder to embrace the extraordinary in every ordinary day.

Susannah said...

Oh, so beautiful! :~D

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Johnnie Alexander said...

Cute, cute!

Karen said...

I can just see that. My kids used that same "bes fwen." Made me smile with rememberance. Blessings, yes!

Unknown said...

That was so sweet!! . . . and your answer to him sounded EXACTLY like my mom!

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