A Must-See Movie for Boys

"Life is a storm, my young friend.
You shall bask in the sun one moment
and be shattered on the rocks the next.
What makes you a man is what you do when the storms come.
You must look at the storm and shout, 'Do your worst!'"

These are the words of Edmond Dantes, the main character in Alexandre Dumas's book, The Count of Monte Cristo.

It's a great book, and the 2002 film version is a must-see for boys.

Directed by Kevin Reynolds, the film stars James Caviezel, Guy Pearce and Richard Harris. It tells the story of childhood friends whose relationship is marred by jealousy.

Edmond (James Caviezel) is falsely imprisoned but forms a friendship with a older man who schools him in a number of ways. Edmond leaves prison bent on revenge, but by the end of the movie he learns the folly of his ways.

The movie is full of adventure, pirates, sword fights, and a bit of romance, with lessons learned along the way. Early teens is a great age for the movie, but the seventeen-year-olds in my classroom enjoy it as well. Give it a look -- let me know what you think.


Rita said...

My daughter-in-law (also a teacher)is really into finding these classics for their son and daughter to read; very wise.

Heather said...

Great, great movie! The hubs and I have watched it, but yes, it would be a good one for our older boy. Thanks for the reminder.

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