This Week's Blessings: Friday's Fave Five

Friday, February 5, 2010

It’s time to share five of this week’s blessings with you. Friday’s Fave Five is the brainchild of Susanna at Living to Tell the Story. Visit there to learn more about how to join in.

My five blessings of the week? Here they are:

1. Grading – Well, not really grading, but having the grading done for a little while. My high school sophomores are working on research papers, and I check their progress weekly. So the days are packed with nonstop grading! It’s helpful, I know, but somewhat of a necessary evil. I’m proud of all their work, and they leave more prepared for college…but it makes for several tough days in February. I get a little breather, though, from Thursday to Monday! Thank goodness for the breather.

2. Pink – I got a sweet email from a friend yesterday with a beautiful picture of pink roses, a pretty pink ribbon, and all kinds of pink. I loved it! I live in a household that is overwhelmingly blue. Since I have four sons and a husband, my life has been long been blue, not pink. No flowerly, girly-girl décor for me. So I revel in that pink when it comes. It just gives me a nice, sweet feeling.

3. Still rejoicing – I’m still pondering rejoicing, which was one of my fave fives last week. I had hoped to post about it this week, but it’s all still percolating in my brain. I’m enjoying this simmering stage, too. So much to think on. Soon, my friend, soon.

4. The reminder of a perceptive writer – I read Marilynn Robinson’s Pulitizer Prize winning Gilead a couple of years ago, and it was beautiful. In the busyness of life, I had forgotten about her poetic prose, her deep, subtle insight. This week I read an article that reminded me of her lovely prose. So I’ve put her next novel, Home, on my list and I look forward to it.

5. Dinner together – As I mentioned in #1, it’s been a busy week for me. It’s been busy for my husband as well, with the Pro Bowl here and the Super Bowl coming. We’re thankful for his work, but he has burned the candle at both ends and we’ve been ships passing in the night. Sitting down as a family to dinner last night was delightful. It was relaxing, it was fun, it was great.

What about you? Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear from you.

Happy weekend, all!


Karen said...

Blessings-that we live in the South, right now! :) And that I think we are going to order pizza for supper. (So I can work..) Have a good weekend, friend.

Deb said...

Five Blessings:

1. Hazelnut coffee beans - decaf -I'm drinking a cup right now.

2. That it is indeed Friday!

3. That Lynchburg, VA hasn't gotten the two feet of snow that was predicted. My husband and my son are working there, and I don't want them to get snowed in.

4. That He talks to me and helps me to obey His word.

5. You. I feel like I've made a friend.

Sweet dreams.

Johnnie Alexander said...

My five blessings:

*when 18-month-old Jedidiah saw me today, he smiled and held out his arms for a hug
*Philip Gulley's book, Just Shy of Harmony, makes me giggle
*limeade and hot chocolate (but not at the same time)
*my new bamboo plant
*prayer time while driving to Tampa this morning

Rita said...

Blessings! love my life and all the fun I have with my Blog and all teh nice people I met.

Karyn said...

Sitting down together in the midst of a busy week is one of the best things ever!

I'm glad you got a dose of 'pink' this week. :)

Grading papers is one of the most time consuming and in some ways, difficult, aspects of homeschooling teenagers. But it is also one of the most rewarding and fun aspects. Still, I'm glad you have a 'breather'.

Susanne said...

A little pink is definitely a nice thing! :v)

Yay for dinner together. I'm always out of sorts when it doesn't happen around here.

Hazel said...

It's always a teacher's joy to help students be better prepared for college. And some pink in your life in the midst of mostly blue is really delightful!

Erica@PLRH said...

Wow! You are outnumbered! I am as well but to a lesser degree.

I always count pink as a blessing. I never liked the color as a child but now that I live in a house full of boys I've learned to love it. If I don't want the boys to use something of mine (cell phone, iPod, beach towel) I get it in pink.

Cathie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, Laura. I have two girls, and I always say I'm happy because I got what I ordered. :-) A houseful of boys would be a huge challenge. The little things like dinner with your husband, pink greetings from a friend, time to read, write and think - all things to be very thankful for. Aren't we blessed?

Paula said...

I understand about the pink! I had accepted the fact that I would live in a houseful of guys and then our daughter came along a few years after we thought we were through.

Guess what color her baby room was? Pink, of course!

Stephani Cochran said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow! Four boys! My mother-in-law had four boys and then finally had a girl with number five! I know you have your hands full! Have a super week and enjoy the game tonight!

Anonymous said...

I have three boys and a husband -- happily they tolerate a good bit of pink in the decor. But I do have a few rooms without it for their sakes. But it is nice to share something girly and pink with someone who understands. :-0

I've not heard of that writer, but you have me intrigued.

Our schedules have gotten wacky as the boys have gotten older and my husband's schedule busier, but getting in some dinners together here and there help a lot.

Anonymous said...

These are great fives, Laura, from the small things (like pretty pink) to bigger things like breathers and great books.

Kimberly Job said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now following you. I loved your list and look forward to many more.

Michelle said...

Four boys, wow, I have 2 step sons and a step daughter and I have a biological daughter so our family is totally even. I hear ya about busy weeks, we hardly ever all eat at the same time but we had dinner at Grandma's yesterday after church and we all sat down to eat together and it was nice. Have a great week!

Donnetta said...

How lovely to receive mail with pink everything!

I think it's wonderful that items from your list last week haven't left your thinking, but you are taking them to another level in your heart.

Family dinner, always a favorite as far as I'm concerned! Nothing quite like it!

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