Three Words to Start the Week

Monday February 22, 2010

To tell you the truth, I’m stuck on one word.

I just can’t get past it, for different reasons.

Indulge me while I share the three aspects of my ONE word for the week.

1. Anticipation – Last week, my publisher sent me a pdf of the catalog page for my book. They’re printing the catalog now for an April sales meeting. Once they’ve had their meeting, I’ll have the go-ahead to post the cover and other information right here. And I will – believe me, I will.

But I can’t tell you what it was like to open that pdf. I knew what the cover looked like, but to see it there and read the write-up of the book, see the ISBN assigned to it, its dimensions, what they call its “benefits and special features” – it was incredible.

So you can understand my anticipation – I can’t wait!

2. Anticipation – We got incredibly great family news this week, and we’re all smiley and goofy with anticipation. Can’t stop thinking about it!

3. Anticipation – In nine days, I get to attend a writers conference and link up with my writing buddies. I’m looking forward to learning and being inspired and I can’t wait to see my heart friends again.

So here I sit, ankle-deep in anticipation, with a goofy smile on my face. Not a bad way to start a week.

What about you? What are your one, two, or three words to start this week?


Corinne Cunningham said...

The good kind of anticipation is so worthy of the goofy smile! :) Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

One word....AWESOME!!!!!

Laurie said...

You week sounds so good! My word for this week is anxiety. I'm going to an appointment tomorrow that I've put off for a long time but that I think will have (mental) health benefits for me. And my husband is evaluating a job decision that
could be a great opportunity but still instills me with anxiety in the short term!

Karen said...

Smiling...for all your anticipation. Whoo Hoo on the book and news, and conference!! (Hugs)

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