Handful of Blueberries, Heart Full of Love

I chuckled as I watched the chubby little hands pry open the blueberry container, moving quickly to try to forestall the flood of blueberries. No such luck. Little hands were faster than mine – in fact, faster than three adults right there in the kitchen.

I had spent the afternoon grocery shopping with an incredible mom. We brought in the groceries and chaos ensued. Lucy was an “instant” mom, going from no children to three overnight. She and her husband had no children, but had huge hearts and plenty of room and love to spare. They agreed to foster three brothers – all of them, a package deal. They had hopes for adoption, but had been told that there was no assurance of this. The boys might become available for adoption, and they might not. Knowing this, Lucy and her hubby pledged to throw themselves into these kids’ lives, come what may. From the beginning she said to me, “We want to minister to this family, for however long we can.”

I visited at the end of the second week with the boys. They had quickly captured their foster parents’ hearts, and stole mine in one afternoon. The baby was under 1, and there was a toddler and a first-grader. All beautiful boys, sweet and loving. They had a few bugaboos, of course – but that was to be expected in their situation.

Remember when your little one began attending day care or preschool? They brought home every bug, every virus known to man. That’s what happened next for my mom-friend. Her husband caught everything the boys brought home, too, so she dealt with infant nebulizers and antibiotics, often by herself. Lucy is a professional who works 9 to 5, so she had a life and a job to try to maintain. But she and her hubby were sold out to those boys. They became education advocates, child psychologists, and experts in foster system; but most of all, they became Mommy and Daddy.

There were rough patches, of course – smiles and tears. So many ups and downs, but love, love, love invaded that household.

Their hopes for adoption were dashed awhile back, and the realization that their time with these sweet boys would soon be over set in. I met her for lunch was amazed at her balance.

Still in love with those little guys, she faced the facts. Lucy could see the rainbow through the rain. They set out to minister to this family, and they have.

Now their house is quiet – too quiet. Husband and wife are getting reacquainted, and they’re getting a bit of sleep nowadays. And the future? They’re thinking and praying about pursuing adoption.

“One little infant will be a walk in the park after this, Lucy!” I told her. “You won’t know what to do with your time.”

Their faith is strong. They know they were led to play a part in those little boys’ lives for a time and they’re open to what the Lord has for them next.

She’s a mother like no other I’ve ever met. I’ll never look at a package of blueberries again without recalling her heart full of love for three little boys who needed her.


Anna K. said...

I'm in awe of and so very touched by this couple's willingness to love and minister to their children...even if it was a temporary situation. That takes courageous hearts!

Karen said...

Ahh, Laura, From now on, I'll see blueberries as children tumbling about. :) God bless that couple!

Mirza said...

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