Do You Read the Newspaper?

Wednesday June 30, 2010 If you do read the newspaper along with me, our numbers are dwindling.

But I’m here to promote the newspaper as great family fun!

Oh, I know computers are wonderful. Yes, I have USA Today on my iPod Touch, and I do peruse it from time to time.

But nothing beats sitting around lazily with a cup of coffee and saying, “Hmm, did you read this, honey?” and passing the paper to your spouse.

Or grabbing a pencil and working the crossword or Jumble with your teen.

Or giggling over the funny papers with your young reader.

The newspaper is hands-on. There’s much to be said for reading it together. And making paper hats or boats from it. Or wrapping fun little presents in it. Or cutting words from it and making your own family newspaper.

You don’t subscribe? Take a trip to the store and buy a paper together. Then sit down, spread it out, divvy it up, and have some fun family time!

Do you have more fun ideas for using the newspaper? Share with us!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

My day isn't complete without doing the Sudoku and passing my youngest the sport section.
When my kids were little they liked to color in the comics. It's like a daily coloring book!

Donnetta said...

Or having it handy for your son to put down to cover his work area as he paints his model, or uses super glue on the robot he is making.

Or protective surface covering for your daughter to use as she begins the to learn the finer art of painting her own nails.

Our paper has been used for these tasks within the last week. :-)

Julie Gillies said...

I couldn't agree more, Laura! I LOVE getting the newspaper, for all the reasons you pointed out and more. I also love looking at the national weather on the back page and then skimming worldwide temps. It's always interesting.

Andrew Groves said...

I'm with you, Mom! Keep the newspaper alive!

Karen said...

I love the newspaper. I like getting writing ideas from there, too. Like you-do the crosswords, but don't ask me how I do. :)

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