Idea #2 for Summer Fun: Cook Something!

Monday June 28, 2010
Need something fun to do with your kids this summer?

Cook something!

Not you, by yourself. You do that every day. Come up with a way for your kids to cook. Now, of course, this will vary with age, but there are lots of ways to approach this. Set a date and make a plan. You could:

  • Let the kids grill with Dad.

  • Let the kids cook something easy with you or Dad.

  • If they're old enough, give them a little guidance and let them cook by themselves.
If you're not that brave, try a few of these ideas:

  • Proclaim it "red" day. Everyone wears something red to the table and you fit as many red foods as you can into the menu. (If you want to emphasize the veggies, call it "green" day!)

  • Try something new that the kids have never had before.

  • Have a picnic in the yard -- by candlelight!
Just change things up a little. Get creative. Get cookin'!

For the love of summer,


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Love this idea.
My 11 year old loves to cook. Now, if only he would love to clean up!

I'm definitely getting out the candles at dinner. Thanks, Laura!

Karen said...

Such a cute idea!! Love it!

Anna K. said...

I've noticed that when my son helps me in the kitchen with a meal, he's more open about trying new foods.

My mom used to do "picnic in the parlor" with us. We'd all eat in the living room and watch a fave movie or show. It wasn't fancy, but it was usually a welcome break from our routines

Jennifer Fink said...

I love to bake with my boys. Chocolate chip cookies and banana bread are our favorite, but the helped me make some outstanding rhubarb pies this summer too!


Jean Wise said...

love this idea! You know I think it is especially important for boys to cook and see their dad cook. making it a family affair is so much fun too. Thanks for all the ideas in this blog said...

Hey there... this is a great post. You have some fun and easy ideas on here.

I have a weekly link up on my site Called Summer Family Fun Tuesdays, that this would be perfect for!

Come on by and check it out and consider linking up:

Rachymommy -

Victoria said...

I'm not sure if we can pull this off... I don't have many toddler-friendly recipes. But I'm thinking seriously about making play-dough with her. I think she'd love that. You wouldn't happen to have that recipe laying around would you?

Donnetta said...

I have been having the kids more involved this summer since there is no homework to be working on completing. I don't know about them, but I'm enjoying the extra help and the company. :-)

You've listed some FUN ideas!

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