More Summer Fun Ideas: Be a Fixer

Monday July 5, 2010
Today's suggestion is to fix something.
(Preferably with tools, not a kitchen knife.)

This one may require some assistance from Dad, and then again, it may not. I'm sure there's something that needs fixing around your house. We actually have a "Fix-it Box" at our house, where broken toys and items go to wait until someone gets inspired to play Tim the Toolman. Find something to fix, dig out the tools, and get to work with your kids.

Fixing things is fun for kids, and it teaches a number of great lessons:
  • Don't toss what you can fix.
  • Learn how to use tools, and remember to be careful and safe.
  • You can help others by fixing things.
In fact, if you or your husband is a good "fixer," why not take the kids along to help someone in the neighborhood? Visit an elderly neighbor and see if he or she has anything that needs to be fixed.

If you're not a master fixer, just offer to change light bulbs or install new batteries in the smoke alarm. That way, if you're not great with hammer and nails, you can still find a way to fix something with your kids, have a good time, and teach them some valuable lessons about helping others.

Give it a try -- fix something with your kids.

For the love of summer,


Diane said...

What can I find that's broken....hmmmmmm..... :O)

Heather said...

Really like this idea! I think it would also show them their value in the household too:) that they are needed. Great!

Karen said...

Great idea! My hubbie wasn't a fixer, but he did do yard stuff and taught financial principles to our kids.

Laura said...

A great suggestion! Today my boys and I fixed lunch! I know, I know, that's rather anti-something, but it has been a struggle to get these boys to cook. So I am quite pleased.

And no one got hurt.

Carrie Anne Schmeck said...

What a great idea. I've been having my boys help me dig a trench for a new mow strip in the front yard. I think they will be satisfied as we work through this project when they see the end result of the work and sweat.

Michelle DeRusha said...

These are some great tips, Laura. Last year our whole family volunteered to help serve a meal at the local soup kitchen, and I found it was a great experience for my boys. And I just signed up for us to be a Meals on Wheels delivered once a month -- I like to try to find activities that involve the whole family.

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