A New Spin on Summer Reading

Wednesday July 7, 2010
Let's put a new spin on summer reading. You may already take weekly trips to the local library. If you don't, give that a try. Yes, there are DVDs there, but encourage the kids to come home with at least one or two great books.

Let them browse in the fiction and nonfiction areas. Many times a child who isn't interested in fiction will find a "how-to" book that fascinates him or her.

Some kids will find their own books and others will need your help and guidance, so be ready to guide.

You're already a regular library patron? Try these ideas.

Arrange a "book trade" with a friend and her kids. Let the kids choose a book to share, go visit your friend, and make a week-long trade.

Go buy a magazine for your kids. Or visit your pediatrician's office and see if they're discarding any old magazines and take home an armload.

Write your own book -- a family book. One can write, one can illustrate, everyone can contribute.

Drive across town to a different library. Book selection and programs can vary and maybe you'll find something new your kids love.

If you don't have this book, borrow or buy it!

It's chockfull of GREAT ideas for summer activities and summer reading.

Every boy needs one! (I hear there's a Dangerous Book for Girls, too.)

So put a new spin on summer reading. Read something with your kids, in a new way.

For the love of summer,


Diane said...

Thanks for the great advice. Will start looking into doing some of those things. :O)

Susan DiMickele said...

This is great Laura. My 9-year-old is a reader, and we're running out of ideas. He like to come to book signings with me so he can sit and read books for free! A kid after my own heart.

August 1 is around the corner, so let me know how I can help! Let's talk at your convenience.

Anna K. said...

We, too, enjoy reading here at our house and trips to the library are something we look forward to.

Since our 7 y.o. has so many reading requirements during the school year I try to encourage him to try out new areas of the library to keep him interested. Periodicals can be fun and he likes to meander through the non-fiction section with me...especially anything to do with trains or travel!

Great suggestions, Laura!

Deb said...


Love the idea of writing a family book.

Hope you're having a jam up summer!

Sweet dreams.

Faith said...

Great ideas, Laurie! My children used to do movie trades....i was always hesitant with book trades as one time a friend lost a treasured book :( but...now that they are older, they borrow friends' books back and forth often....today we actually have a trip to the library planned...my youngest usually takes out historical fiction but today she informed us she wants to read The Hobbitt. (we just let her watch Lord of the Rings). she is going into 6th grade and in top reading levels so I think it's a good choice!! i love library trips!!

Karen said...

Oh, love those-that's great ideas for grandma's too. :)

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